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The Past, Present, and Future for IT Recruitment Companies

​IT recruitment companies have come a long way in the past few years. COVID-19 has pushed the recruitment industry to adapt to changes at a much faster pace. The good news is that the tech industry has shown remarkable resilience and creativity in the face of these challenges. The future for IT recruitment companies looks promising. So, what has changed in the tech recruiting industry over the years, and what can you expect in the future? 


The Future Is Remote 

 One of the biggest take-aways from the past two years for IT recruitment companies is that remote hiring and remote work are now common expectations for IT job candidates. A recent McKinsey study estimated that 29% of work in the United States could be done remotely with no productivity loss, and an additional 10% could be done remotely if needed. Even before COVID-19, the trend of remote working was on the rise, but COVID-19 pushed it into the mainstream. 

 Understanding how to hire and onboard effectively regardless of location is a top requirement for IT recruitment companies going forward. In the past, standard procedures like interviewing, assessments, and onboarding were completed in person. Now, IT recruiters have adapted their sourcing and screening methods to remote work, and they have come up with innovative ways to manage talent in the workforce. Expect growth in virtual interviews and continued onboarding of IT candidates who expect a remote work component of their job. 


Artificial Intelligence Assists IT Recruitment Companies 

It may be too early to expect AI to be an essential part of the hiring process for IT recruitment companies. However, AI is definitely a tool that can assist in making the recruitment process more efficient. AI can help with hiring tasks like identifying the best candidates, scheduling interviews, and providing feedback to candidates. AI has become popular amongst recruiters because it can help:  

  • Improve the quality of hire 
  • Increase diverse recruiting 
  • Automate manual tasks 
  • Reduce time-to-hire  

In the past, IT recruiters relied heavily on their gut feeling and intuition when it came to making hiring decisions. Although there is no replacement for human interaction and relationship building in the recruitment process, AI can help take some guesswork out of it. In the future, expect AI to play a more prominent role in the IT recruitment process, making recruitment, hiring, and onboarding more efficient and structured. 


Diversity Hires Offer a Competitive Advantage  

Many prominent tech companies published annual diversity reporting in 2014, but few made a dent in their diversity goals. At the forefront of tech and IT, recruitment is the value of diversity in job candidates. Diversity in the workplace has become essential to job candidates and organizations. A diverse group is a decisive strategic advantage that can help your company grow and thrive. Companies that prioritize diverse hiring attract higher-quality candidates, increase revenues, and enhance the organization's creative potential. In fact, a recent study reported that diverse companies attain a 19% higher revenue than less-diverse counterparts. 

The past few years have seen an increase in IT recruitment companies that focus on diversity hires. This trend is expected to continue as organizations prioritize the benefits of a diverse workforce. 


What's Next for IT Recruitment Companies? 

Hiring trends in technology demonstrate that the future looks bright for IT recruitment companies. The tech industry has adapted to the changing landscape of work. To meet to needs of IT job candidates, expect remote work, AI, and diversity hiring to be a focus for IT recruitment companies in the years to come. 


Secure Your Competitive Edge With Tech Talent  

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