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Power of Onboarding - Job Recruitment | Hire Velocity

How Structured Onboarding Boosts Productivity, Performance, and Retention Starting on Day One

It takes sizable investments in staff, technology, and training to find the right people who can move your company forward. But what if you spend all that time and money only to see those employees flounder unsuccessfully in their new roles—or worse, hit the trail for a different job?

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Table of Contents:

  1. All Is Not Well in the Onboarding World
  2. When Top Candidates ≠ Top Performers
    • What Onboarding Can Do For You
    • The 4 C's of Successful Onboarding
  3. How To Get the Most Out of Your Onboarding Program
    • Step One:  Equip Your HR Managers and Executives
    • Step Two:  Engage New Employees in the Process
  4. Assess Your Current Onboarding Strategy

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