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Cultivating Diversity in the Workplace - eBook | Hire Velocity

When the subject of diversity comes up in a board meeting, the discussion usually centers on two questions: How do we get results and what is the return on investment? We all agree that diversity is important, but what impact does it have on employee productivity, cultural engagement, and profitability? And how can we create a diversity program that delivers high-impact results?

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Table of Contents:

Diversity: An Investment In Your Future

Why Aren't Companies More Diverse?

Pssst... Your Diversity Program Isn't Working

-Diversity Training

-Job Tests

-Grievance Procedures

Turning the Ship:  A Successful Model of Diversity

-The Rudder:  Diversity Solutions

-The Captain:  Diversity Champion

-The Momentum:  Employee and Executive Support

Building Your High-Impact Diversity Solutions

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