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Remote Work in the Modern Era and Beyond

How to Optimize Your Strategy and Tactical Considerations

Do you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with the task of implementing and overseeing remote workforce strategies?

Virtual work is the dominant theme of the day, but it’s not a new demand. As of 2019, about 5 million Americans worked from home at least half the time, and that number was expected to skyrocket over the next ten years (and that's before COVID-19 dramatically changed our lives).

In light of the recent global pandemic, however, you may have been launched into a remote work environment much faster than you anticipated. With little time to prepare, you have had to transition policies, people, and procedures to virtual platforms and figure out new ways of meeting customer and client needs.

This rapid shift carries critical implications both strategically and tactically. From cost considerations to technology infrastructure to management strategies, you need actionable plans to ramp up quickly, but you also need to build a strong foundation for remote work in the future. 

Remote work may be a necessity right now, but it will still be part of your workforce strategy long after the current crisis has been resolved. In this eBook, we’ll talk about how you can plan a long-term remote work strategy as well as what you can do immediately to help employees and managers work more effectively in a remote environment.


Table of Contents

  • What Exactly is Remote Work?
  • The Big Picture of Remote Work: Strategic Considerations
    • Cost Considerations
    • Culture Considerations
    • Hiring and Talent Considerations
  • How Do You Put It All Together?
    • Technology Infrastructure
    • Communication and Management
    • Videoconferencing Tools
    • Remote Interview Best Practices
  • Conclusion: Preparation Is The Key to Success

Download the eBook!

As part of our seven-part series on remote work, we help you navigate other aspects of the new work from home lifestyle that we’re all transitioning to, including topics such as:

  1. Remote work tactical checklist to quickly transition to a remote workforce strategy
  2. Successfully transitioning to a remote hiring process with virtual interviewing
  3. Effectively interview as part of a virtual hiring process
  4. How to source, screen & hire remote employees
  5. How to help remote employees engage & excel with virtual training & onboarding
  6. Prioritizing mental health and wellness for remote employees