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Sales Staffing vs. Sales Recruiting: What's the Difference?

When it comes to staffing your sales team, you have two main options: staffing sales or recruiting. So, what's the difference? The terms "staffing" and "recruiting" are often used interchangeably when they are two very different processes in reality. A staffing company will provide you with pre-screened and qualified candidates to fill your open positions. While a recruiting agency will help you find the best candidates for your specific needs—even if they are not currently employed. Which option is right for you? 

Let's discuss the difference between sales staffing and recruiting and help you make the right choice based on the needs of your business. 


What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency, also known as a staffing sales firm, will provide you with pre-screened and qualified candidates to fill your open positions. While they can serve your immediate team needs, they may not have the resources or ability to find the most suitable candidate or the best cultural fit for your organization. 

Generally, sale staffing agencies are used to fill temporary positions and low-level roles, such as support teams for an upcoming event or entry-level sales positions. But don't assume all staffing positions are unskilled. Over 40% of staffing hires work in higher-skilled occupations—but when recruited by staffing firms, they are generally placed in temporary positions. 


How Staffing Agencies Help 

Many businesses use sales staffing agencies to fill their hiring needs. They provide a cost-effective solution to screen and interview job candidates. They will even perform background checks before presenting as strong candidates. 

Staffing agencies also offer flexibility for businesses facing staffing shortages or changes in demand. They offer temporary placement options, allowing the company to fill positions quickly without the long-term commitment of onboarding a permanent employee. A significant advantage of sales staffing firms is the ability to try out a potential candidate before making a full-time hire. 


What is a Sales Recruiting Firm? 

A sales recruiting firm, also known as a recruiter or recruiting firm, will assist in finding the best candidates for your sales positions, even if they are currently employed and not seeking a new role. 

Sales recruiters specialize in finding the most qualified job seekers for specific sales positions, often filling higher-level roles such as executive or managerial positions. They are experts in their industry and will use their networks, search databases, and other resources to find the best fit for your company. They focus on filling long-term staffing needs rather than temporary staffing solutions. 


How Sales Recruiters Help 

By finding top-tier candidates for sales positions, sales recruiters can save businesses time and energy. Recruiters focus on finding the best fit for a company versus an immediate hire that may not be an ideal candidate. 

A recruiter will also handle the initial screening and interview process for potential candidates, presenting a shortlist of only the most qualified individuals. 

Sales recruiters often have established relationships with top sales candidates and can match them with companies that align with their skills and career goals. This creates a more successful long-term staffing solution for both the candidate and the hiring company. 


Why Use a Recruiter Instead of Staffing Your Sales Team? 

There is a time and place when a staffing agency can be the right solution to fill an open sales position. Still, a sales recruiter is the best option for many companies when recruiting sales reps and finding long-term staffing solutions. 

A staffing agency might be a great solution if: 

  • You are filling a contract or temporary role. 
  • The position is entry-level or requires specific skills. 
  • You want to fill the vacancy fast. 
  • Training for the job is minimal. 

On the other hand, a sales recruitment agency is a better option if: 

  • You are hiring for permanent positions.  
  • You need salesforce recruitment expertise. 
  • You are filling an executive-level or highly skilled role. 
  • You prioritize quality over speed of hiring. 

Depending on your sales staffing needs, a staffing agency or sales recruiter can both be valuable resources in finding the right fit for your company. Consider your specific goals and needs before deciding which route to take. 


Partner With Hire Velocity's Sales Recruiters 

Hiring superior sales talent can be daunting, but our expert sales recruiters can find the right fit for your company. Our team has the sales industry expertise and intuition needed to successfully identify, engage, and recruit dynamic sales professionals who will give your company a competitive edge. 

At Hire Velocity, we partner with you to identify the best candidates for every sales position, including B2B, commercial, outside sales, inside sales, retail, technical, industrial, and more. From Sales Development Representatives (SDR) and Account Executives (AE) to Sales Managers and Vice Presidents of Sales, the unique partnership model of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) helps you hire quality people while developing a consistent, predictable sales talent pipeline. 

Contact us today to learn about our talent acquisition solutions. 


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