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Driver Recruitment: The Right Firm Focuses on Retention

Driver recruitment can feel like a never-ending process for trucking companies. With annualized turnover rates over 78% for smaller carriers, finding and retaining qualified drivers can be challenging. That's why driver retention strategies can't be ignored as part of your recruitment process. Retaining drivers can help mitigate high turnover rates and reduce the need for overspending on truck driver recruiting efforts. How can you focus on driver retention in your recruitment process? 

One key strategy for retaining drivers is to work with a recruitment firm that will ensure your recruitment and retention strategies are tailored to meet the needs of both drivers and carriers. 

Recruitment Teams Focus on Company Culture 

Battling high turnover rates is a significant challenge for trucking companies, and it's critical to prioritize driver retention to reduce costs and find long-term success. That's why recruitment firms today focus intently on company culture to attract and retain top drivers. 

Rather than thinking just about what your company needs out of new truck drivers—consider what your current employees need and want from your company. Experienced recruiters encourage a shift to a driver-first mindset, understanding that retaining drivers is key to a successful business. 

Some retention strategies include focusing on the following: 

These strategies help keep your current drivers happy, leading to less turnover and more interested candidates. 

Health and Safety as a Priority 

A recent report showed that companies prioritizing safety as part of their culture have higher retention rates. While it may seem obvious, many companies still fail to prioritize the safety and health of their drivers, which can contribute to increased turnover rates. 

By creating a workplace culture that emphasizes safety, driver retention is more likely to improve. Safety priorities should be aligned with federal, state, and local regulations. Work with trusted experts who can help you implement health and safety programs that are effective but also align with your company values. 

When you put the health of your truckers first, you're not only improving retention rates but also helping to create a more positive work environment for all employees. And it's this sort of work environment that attracts the best drivers and leads them to stick around. 

Retention Rewards Can Help Driver Recruitment 

The best recruitment teams recognize that drivers are more likely to stay with your company if they feel valued and appreciated. But how can you show appreciation in a way that makes the largest impact? 

Offering retention rewards is one effective way you can show your appreciation. Examples of retention rewards may include paid vacations, gift certificates, or bonuses. But, it's important to customize these rewards to the individual needs of your drivers. 

Many companies also offer incentives for new hires who successfully complete their probation period. This can incentivize drivers to stay with your company longer, helping you save costs on recruitment efforts. Another option is referral bonuses for drivers who refer other qualified candidates to drive for your company. 

Acknowledging the hard work of your team doesn't have to be constant or expensive, but it should be done regularly and genuinely to signal to your team that their contributions are valued. Truck driver recruiting experts can offer insight into what reward programs drive the best results and what structure will work best for your organization. 

Driver Recruitment and Retention Are Intertwined 

Why all this sudden focus on retention by recruiters? Simply put, the driver recruitment and retention cycle are linked. You can't focus on one without the other. If you have dedicated resources for transportation recruiting, but your drivers leave before their probationary period ends, then all your recruitment efforts will be for naught. 

That's why finding a recruitment firm that knows what drivers are looking for and focuses on retention and the hiring process is crucial. A top recruiting firm will understand that driver retention doesn't simply mean paying more to new drivers. Retention is more nuanced, and it means creating a positive, supportive culture and providing your drivers with all the tools they need to succeed. 

By focusing on both truck driver recruiting and retention simultaneously, you're more likely to find success in the long term and for less cost and effort. Work with a hiring firm that can help you achieve these goals and drive your business forward. 

Say No to Cookie Cutter Driver Recruitment 

Every industry encounters unique recruiting challenges based on skills availability, competition, labor shortages, and numerous other factors. At Hire Velocity, we don't believe in cookie-cutter recruiting solutions. Instead, we create a customized talent acquisition strategy based on your needs and challenges. With expertise across various industries, our seasoned recruiters help you meet your talent challenges with powerful human capital solutions. 

Contact us to learn more about our talent acquisition and retention strategies. 


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