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Recruiting quality talent requires a great deal of research. Unfortunately, finding the right person for the job is not as easy as picking a random resume from a pile and giving the person a job. Performing these research tasks take time and effort, especially when you are targeting specific competitive companies to source from. When researching candidates from competitive companies, there are two services that Hire Velocity offers.

Name Generation is the first option offered by Hire Velocity. With Name Generation you specify competitive companies that you think will have the talent you are looking for. Upon getting this information we immediately begin researching to find candidates that meet the required job specifications. Hire Velocity uses a wide variety of search tools including job boards, social media, cold calling, and our proprietary tools. Leveraging our search tools, we identify the names, phone numbers, and emails of qualified candidates. The final product is a list of qualified candidates from the competitive companies you specified.

In addition to Name Generation, Hire Velocity also offers Talent Mapping. Similar to Name Generation, we research candidates that meet the required job specifications in competitive companies that you specify. Again, we use our search tools to identify the names, phone numbers, and emails of qualified candidates. Talent Mapping takes Name Generation to the next level and maps these names into the company’s hierarchy. This service can be extremely useful to visually see the hierarchy of the candidates. This service entails an even heavier load of cold calling and research to map names, but the results can be quite valuable to your recruiting efforts.