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These Six Reasons Will Convince You to Try RPO

Hiring skilled talent is no easy task, and if you’re an employer who is struggling to recruit top talent, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) may be the solution. RPO helps solve recruiting challenges such as identifying and attracting quality candidates and filling open positions efficiently.

Hire An RPO Help You Find Skilled Talent

No matter the size of your organization or your industry, recruiting quality candidates promptly is a priority. RPO firms can dramatically increase your hiring success rate. Here are six reasons to consider recruitment process outsourcing at your organization:

1. Reduces Recruitment Costs

Studies show that the average cost-per-hire is $4,129, while the average time it takes to fill a given position is 42 days. With rising hiring costs and low unemployment rates nationwide, it is getting more difficult for organizations to find talent with the right skill sets. RPO mitigates these costs with recruiting expertise, deploying innovative technology, and utilizing hiring best practices. RPO companies deliver the highest value by keeping clients on the front edge of resource innovation.

2. Enhances Employer Branding

Successful recruiting depends on building a strong employer brand. RPO companies do in-depth research into a company’s brand and its competition to create a solid recruitment strategy to attract top talent.

3. Increases Access to Quality Talent

A major struggle for many employers is finding candidates with the right combinations of skills, credentials, and experience needed to stay competitive. Top RPO companies have a detailed and extensive database to fill crucial job positions. Paired with RPO providers who have experience searching for these coveted candidates, companies can secure in-demand candidates more easily.

4. Deep Analytics and Reporting

Successful business decisions rely on sound data and reporting. In workforce recruiting, metrics offer crucial insights about performance, talent supply, demand, industry trends, and workforce planning. Recruitment process outsourcing companies have the resources and analytics to help companies predict future trends and stimulate progressive growth.

5. Ensures Compliance and Reduces Risks

RPO companies are experts in labor laws, equal opportunity regulations, and hiring requirements. RPO firms stay on top of any changes that apply to hiring practices and keep detailed records during the recruitment process. RPO companies provide peace of mind that all hiring is done to avoid risk and liability.

6. Improves Flexibility and Scalability of Recruitment

The hiring needs of many companies change throughout the year. When recruiting resources are fixed, it can be challenging to handle the operations to fill positions during periods of greater demand. RPO firms will anticipate these needs and craft a recruitment process that can scale up and down to meet your organization's needs and hire skilled candidates swiftly.

Work With A Trusted RPO Firm 

Select an RPO firm that has a long track record with proven results in skilled recruiting and hiring. Hire Velocity partners with clients across nearly every industry to solve recruiting challenges and achieve sustained outcomes. Learn more about Hire Velocity’s distinguished awards that rank the firm among the top RPO companies.

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