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Recruitment Technology and RPO

Technology Innovation and the Future of Recruiting

The race for technology dominance in the recruiting industry is on!  Success over the next decade will depend on knowing what's working, what's not, and what's coming down the pipeline.  Answers to questions like these will determine the future of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), because they will shape our ability to find and hire the best candidates for our clients.

In the recruiting industry, a new technology hits the market seemingly every day, and we can expect hundreds or thousands more to launch over the next several years.

Startups and established tech companies alike are scrambling to develop new tools that take much of the manual work out of recruiting. We already depend on technology to help us with tasks like resume sorting, background checks, data analytics, candidate recommendations, and job searches, and to do them faster and with fewer errors than humans can. Over the next decade, we’ll see unprecedented advances in the quality and function of technology tools that help us find, vet, and hire more of the best candidates.

In this eBook, we'll take a closer look at the Big Three technologies that Hire Velocity Chairman John West sees as drivers in the recruiting space and what they mean for recruiters and candidates.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What are the "Big Three" Tech Innovations for the Recruiting Space?
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Blockchain
  3. Hey, Google! Find Me a Job:  How Technology Is Changing Recruiting
    • Candidate-Driver Recruiting Experiences
    • Process Automation
    • Netflix-Style Job Recommendations
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Expose and Eliminate Biases
    • Beyond BitCoin:  Blockchain for Recruiting
  4. Will Technology Replace RPO?
    • "Stepford Wives," Recruiting Edition?
    • Why Humans Are Still Essential for Recruiting
    • How RPOs Will Stay Relevant In the Future

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