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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Hire Velocity

Looking at recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions but don't know where to start? We break down every part of RPO to show you have RPO works.



What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?  Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the full or partial outsourcing of a company’s internal recruiting function to an outside specialist who assumes the role of the company’s recruiting department.

Why extend your capabilities with RPO?
Struggling to find talent for niche roles?  Suffering from lack of consistent metrics & processes or advanced technologies? Struggling to cope with volume of openings or applicants?  Challenged by lack of long-term or short-term workforce planning?

Goal of RPO: Solve business challenges for your organization such as: candidate sourcing strategies, workforce planning initiatives, onboarding, technology assessments, end-to-end requisition process management, interviews & testing, process reviews & recommendations, candidate offer management, screening, recruiting, needs assessment, employer branding


  • Access to quality talent
  • Deep analytics
  • Progressive diversity initiatives
  • Compliance & risk mitigation
  • Targeted sourcing initiatives
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced employer brand & candidate experience
  • Improved time to fill
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Technology capabilities

RPO Solutions: Enterprise, Project, On-Demand, Full Cycle, Partial Cycle

When selecting a RPO provider, ask questions about…Specialization, industry expertise, technology innovation, delivery method, track record, type of hire, breadth of services

Get results with RPO.  Put the right program in place with open communication

Learn more about RPO solutions.  Our industry recognition & awards: HRO Today 2017 Superstars Talent Acquisition Provider, HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings RPO Providers, HRO Today Innovation in HR Transformation Award, Atlanta Business Chronicle Top 10 Retained Executive Search FirmsNew call-to-action