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Search Recruitment: Building the Power C-Suite Team

As an organization grows and changes, so too does its leadership team. Different times and circumstances require different talents to drive the company forward. But what skills make the best executives? That's not an easy question. In any executive search or recruitment of C-Suite candidates, one thing has become clear, C-suite jobs are evolving, and the skills that leaders need today aren't necessarily the same as those of previous generations.

With that in mind, we recognize there are some modern trends in recruiting for a powerful C-suite team. Let's explore what defines a high-performing leadership team and what goes into building one.

What's In a High-performing Team?

Before you launch an executive search or recruitment strategy, you need to know what strengths you're looking for in a C-suite. At its core, a high-performing leadership team has individuals with strong technical or functional expertise who complement each other's talents. This winning combo drives the company forward.

Building a powerful team means self-reflection on your current one. Look at the entire team and ask yourself:

  • Are the members better together?
  • Are their skills magnified or limited as a team?
  • Does the team have a shared vision and complementary skills for achieving that vision?

These are just some of the questions you should consider, but they can help you with your executive search and recruitment of C-suite candidates. Once you've established what you're missing, you can search for prospects who fill those skills gaps.

Business Fundamentals Finesse

The competencies that helped executives reach the top may not be enough once they get there. Influential C-suite leaders need more than technical or functional expertise in their role—they need a firm grasp of the business fundamentals of their position.

How does this translate to hiring?

Executives need to understand how the organization works, what it needs, and how their role fits the bigger picture. They need to fully understand the market and competition, as well as be able to communicate the company's vision and goals. For a Chief Financial Officer or CFO executive search, this would include strong knowledge of financial fundamentals to develop risk management strategies. For other executive roles, it would be different aspects of business knowledge, but an overall long-term strategic vision is essential.

Prioritize Leadership Skills Over Technical Expertise

Executives must be able to think strategically, proactively lead others, motivate employees, and quickly make decisions during times of organizational change and uncertainty. Time and again, leadership skills are cited as the number one quality executive search and recruitment firms look for when hiring C-level candidates.

Why are leadership skills so essential?

Driving an organization or function to a higher level of efficiency, performance, or growth demands a "take-charge" leadership style and the ability to rally the team around a shared vision. In truth, companies with visionary and inspirational leadership are more likely to succeed over the long term. These leaders can motivate their employees, build trust with stakeholders, and guide the organization into the future.

So, when building your C-suite team, search for candidates who can drive your organization forward and excite and inspire those around them. Focus on candidates with strong leadership skills and the personality traits to match. With the right team in place, your organization will be jet set to reach new heights of success.

Talent Communicators Are Critical

Leaders who communicate well can better manage teams, draw out innovative ideas and diverse perspectives, and increase trust. But there's more to communication than just speaking. Communication and social skills, in general, involve a high level of awareness and empathy, as well as the ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts. The best executives can listen carefully to understand different points of view before making decisions.

Executive Search and Recruitment Solutions

While companies still value leaders with traditional operational skills, C-suite search and recruitment trends have revealed a clear shift towards more strategic, people-centric leadership qualities. If you're looking to build a powerful C-suite team, recruit executives that combine deep technical, and functional expertise with strong leadership skills and the ability to lead change. With the right executive search and recruitment solutions, you can build an exceptional leadership team that will power your organization into the future.

At Hire Velocity, we have extensive experience recruiting top-tier C-suite talent. Our executive search solutions will help you attract, develop, and retain high-quality leaders using customized search solutions that will not only identify qualified executives for your company but also ensure optimal cultural fit using assessment science and behavioral analysis.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you build a powerful C-suite team for long-term success.

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