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Hire Velocity's Impactful Healthcare Staffing Solutions

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, where the demand for qualified professionals continues to surge, Hire Velocity has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing healthcare staffing solutions. Partnering with a major healthcare entity, Hire Velocity tackled the challenge of filling hard-to-fill positions across 93 of their healthcare facilities in the United States, a journey marked by success and unparalleled dedication.


The Numbers Tell the Tale

Our partnership involved agreements with 93 facilities, ultimately opening positions at 82 of them. Offers were extended to candidates across 70 facilities, leading to successful placements at 58 of these locations. The result? A remarkable 232 positions were filled, addressing critical needs across various healthcare practices.


The Approach that Sets Us Apart

In a landscape teeming with diverse job titles and unique roles, Hire Velocity leveraged a multi-platform approach to source candidates. Platforms such as hire EZ, LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed Resume, and Appcast were instrumental in our search for the right talent. A meticulous screening process over the phone, accompanied by thorough documentation showcasing candidate qualifications, ensured that only the most suitable candidates progressed to the next stages.


Navigating the Recruitment Journey

From submission to scheduling interviews, Hire Velocity facilitated a seamless recruitment journey. Our collaboration with the client’s facilities involved active participation in the interview process, extending offers, and assisting candidates in making informed decisions. The engagement extended to communicating start dates and orientation details, ensuring a smooth transition for the newly hired professionals.


Metrics of Success

Our journey with our healthcare client was defined by remarkable success, driven by key metrics that showcase our commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing solutions. While the full scope of our achievements is vast, we've highlighted a few key metrics below. For a comprehensive understanding and to explore the complete metrics report, we invite you to download our detailed case study.

  • Sourced 189,787 Candidates
  • Completed 6,629 Phone Screens
  • Submitted 2,376 Candidates for Interview Consideration
  • Extended 441 Offers
  • Successfully Hired 261 Candidates


The Role of Engagement

Facilities that actively engaged with Hire Velocity, maintaining open communication and swift responses, saw the most success. The level of engagement proved to be a key determinant of successful placements, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the recruiting partner and the healthcare facility.


Navigating Challenges in the Healthcare Recruitment Landscape

Despite our success, challenges were inherent in the process. The complexity of roles and the diverse needs of healthcare facilities sometimes led to facilities attempting to fill positions independently. The concept of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) was not universally well understood, with some facilities opting to work on their own to avoid associated fees. Exclusive contractual arrangements were often lacking, making it challenging to secure roles before facilities filled them internally.


The Way Forward with Hire Velocity

As we reflect on this transformative journey, the success achieved with the client's healthcare facilities stands as a testament to Hire Velocity's commitment to excellence in healthcare recruiting. Moving forward, we continue to refine our strategies, emphasizing the need for clear communication, streamlined processes, and a comprehensive understanding of the RPO model.


Unleash the Power of Healthcare Staffing Solutions with Hire Velocity

Are you struggling to fill critical healthcare positions? Unlock the potential of Hire Velocity's healthcare staffing solutions. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can reshape your recruitment landscape.


Download the case study below:

Hire Velocitys Impactful Healthcare Staffing Solutions Case Study