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Case Study: Successfully Scaling High-Volume Hiring with Hire Velocity

North America’s leading traffic control company faced the challenge of recruiting high volumes of work zone flaggers and traffic control technicians to support their operations. Struggling with their internal recruiting capacity, they turned to Hire Velocity to build a scalable recruitment team and process.


Recruitment Needs and Challenges

The client required a partner capable of recruiting a significant number of work zone flaggers and traffic control technicians. With stringent requirements including valid driver's licenses, physical capabilities, and the ability to work in various weather conditions, the task was daunting: hiring 3,000 individuals over 15 months.


Partnering with Hire Velocity

Hire Velocity's response to the client’s challenge went beyond traditional recruitment methods. Recognizing the specialized nature of the roles and the need for high-volume hiring, Hire Velocity implemented a combination of specialty and high-volume Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. By assembling a dedicated team of eight recruiters, Hire Velocity ensured that each member possessed the expertise and resources necessary to tackle the unique requirements of sourcing work zone flaggers and traffic control technicians.

The use of specialty RPO solutions allowed the team to focus exclusively on the niche skill sets and qualifications required for the positions. This targeted approach enabled recruiters to develop a deep understanding of the job requirements, resulting in more efficient candidate sourcing and screening processes. Additionally, leveraging high-volume RPO solutions enabled Hire Velocity to scale recruitment efforts rapidly without sacrificing quality.

Through the strategic deployment of specialty and high-volume RPO solutions, Hire Velocity was able to maintain high-quality standards while meeting the client's aggressive hiring goals. The streamlined recruitment process, coupled with the team's expertise in the industry, contributed to a high interview-to-offer-acceptance ratio, ensuring that the client had access to a pool of qualified candidates ready to fill essential roles in their organization.


Recruitment Strategy and Execution

Hire Velocity's recruitment strategy was marked by a comprehensive and proactive approach aimed at maximizing candidate sourcing and engagement. Leveraging the client's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and branded email access, the recruitment team seamlessly integrated their efforts with the client's internal processes, ensuring a cohesive and efficient recruitment workflow.

Employing a multi-faceted sourcing approach, Hire Velocity's team tapped into a diverse range of platforms and tools to attract candidates. This included job boards, social media channels, professional networking sites, and industry-specific forums. By casting a wide net across various channels, they were able to reach a larger pool of potential candidates, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding qualified individuals to fill the client's open positions.

Furthermore, Hire Velocity prioritized meticulous tracking and documentation of all candidate submissions. This involved maintaining detailed records of candidate interactions, including outreach attempts, screening outcomes, and interview feedback. By adhering to rigorous documentation standards, the team ensured transparency and accountability throughout the recruitment process, enabling stakeholders to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions.

To enhance efficiency and productivity, each recruiter was assigned specific targets and metrics to track their performance. This included daily submission quotas, ensuring that recruiters remained focused and proactive in their candidate outreach efforts. Additionally, recruiters were tasked with conducting proactive candidate outreach, including phone calls, emails, and networking events, to engage with potential candidates and build relationships.

By combining technology-driven solutions with personalized engagement strategies, Hire Velocity's recruitment team maximized its effectiveness in sourcing and attracting qualified candidates for the client. Their proactive approach, coupled with meticulous tracking and accountability measures, ensured that the client's hiring needs were met in a timely and efficient manner, ultimately contributing to the success of the recruitment partnership.


Results and Impact

Within the initial five months of collaboration, Hire Velocity effectively sourced more than 5,000 candidates, conducted over 2,400 interviews, and extended nearly 2,000 offers. The significant acceptance rate of these offers serves as a testament to the efficacy of the recruitment strategy employed. As the partnership evolved, Hire Velocity further expanded its recruitment endeavors for the client, extending its reach into additional regions and scaling the recruiting team to seamlessly address the growing needs of the project.


Client Satisfaction and Future Outlook

Hire Velocity's client expressed satisfaction with the partnership, citing excellent feedback on Hire Velocity's recruitment resources and progress. The seamless integration with the client's systems and the ability to adapt to evolving requirements contributed to the success of the collaboration. Looking ahead, both parties anticipate continued success in meeting the client's ongoing hiring needs.



The partnership between Hire Velocity and its client exemplifies the effectiveness of a strategic approach to high-volume hiring. By leveraging specialized recruitment expertise and scalable processes, the client was able to overcome recruitment challenges and meet its hiring goals efficiently. This case study underscores the value of collaboration and innovation in addressing the workforce needs of organizations in dynamic industries such as manufacturing and safety services.

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