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High Volume Recruiting - Where to Start

Competition for top-quality talent is high. High-volume recruiting is a solid solution for organizations looking for a competitive edge when filling open positions quickly. But, high volume recruiting doesn't guarantee instant results in hiring the best talent, and it can come with its own set of challenges. So, how can you set up a winning high volume recruiting strategy? Here are five tips for getting started and improving your high volume recruiting process. 

What is High Volume Recruiting? 

High volume recruiting is exactly what it sounds like—a hiring process to recruit a large number of candidates as quickly as possible in a short period.  

When do companies use this strategy? 

The most frequent circumstances companies use high volume recruitment are when: 

  • They need to fill multiple positions at once. 
  • Their workforce has suddenly increased due to an expansion. 
  • There is a high turnover leaving many open positions vacant. 
  • There is seasonal hiring for specific roles. 

No matter the situation, high volume recruiting is designed to meet the increased demand for talent with a large, high-quality applicant pool. During this process, HR professionals or recruiting agencies will advertise open positions to many job seekers and screen hundreds of applications to select qualified employees. This recruitment strategy helps companies cast a wider net and increase their chances of finding ideal hires. 

High Volume Recruiting Challenges 

When you're a company trying to fill many roles simultaneously, it can seem like high volume recruiting is a sure thing. However, this strategy has its own complexities, such as high costs, low-quality hires, and time constraints. The nature of high volume recruitment can make it difficult to maintain high-caliber standards when selecting candidates. But, with a solid process, you can quickly narrow down applicants without sacrificing quality. 

Jump Start Your High Volume Recruiting Strategy 

Don't get overwhelmed by high volume recruitment. Start by taking the following steps: 

Focus on hiring quality candidates 

Make "quality over quantity" your mantra when hiring new employees. When you're managing a high-volume hiring drive, it can seem tempting to cut corners and make quick decisions, but compromising on the quality of the hire shouldn't be on the table. 

Instead, apply an optimized recruitment process that uses online assessments, strategic interview questions, and reference checks to spot qualified candidates and drop the unqualified ones. And try not to rule anyone out prematurely—you may be surprised by some high-caliber applicants with transferable skills from different industries. 

Communicate company culture 

For many job candidates, workplace culture is a critical selling point for any job posting. Potential candidates are more likely to apply to companies with values that align with their own. Prioritize communicating your company culture by highlighting core values and company mission throughout job postings, website, social media channels, and throughout the recruiting process. For example, you might include employee testimonials and casual office photos on your company website to give candidates a sense of your company's emphasis on teamwork. This will also ensure you're attracting job candidates who will be an ideal fit for your organization. 

Leverage programmatic job advertising 

Traditional advertising methods such as newspaper classifieds, job boards, and career fairs can be time-consuming and slow. This is why many companies are now tapping into programmatic job advertising to get job offers seen in new places. Research shows that companies that use programmatic job advertising are twice as likely to reduce time-to-fill as those that do not. 

How does programmatic help high volume recruiting? 

Let's face it—not all job applicants hang out on the same job boards, social channels, or recruitment fairs. Programmatic job advertising platforms allow employers to automatically target potential job candidates based on their data and interests. 

Provide an accessible application process 

Easy-to-access applications are critical when high volume recruiting. Potential applicants are more likely to drop out when applications are too long or too difficult to fill out. Make sure your job application can be accessed on any device, displays clearly, and is easy to fill out. Consider improving accessibility by optimizing your forms for mobile devices and in multiple languages. 

Track recruiting success 

Tracking recruiting metrics can help you fine-tune your current strategy and determine what is working and where you can improve. Measure things like time to fill, cost-per-hire, candidate experience, source of hire, and retention rate. For instance, if you're seeing more candidates come through from your social posts versus your website, you might be able to enhance your social media presence. 

Drive Growth with High Quality Talent 

Fierce competition for talent demands an aggressive and strategic approach to securing high-volume recruitment success. Hire Velocity partners with you to attract high performers to your organization with tailored outsourced recruiting solutions and executive search solutions designed to attract thought leaders and creative intellects that will drive organizational growth. Discover how we can help you with high-volume recruiting by scheduling a call. 

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