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Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies and Outsourcing

Is your company considering manufacturing recruitment agencies to outsource part or all of your manufacturing hiring? With the unemployment rate for the manufacturing industry currently at 2.8%, its lowest in years, many manufacturing companies are struggling to find talent to fill their open positions.

 Manufacturing recruitment agencies bring a wealth of knowledge for sourcing and screening candidates. Outsourcing all or part of your manufacturing hiring to the right RPO partner means they’ll be as invested in finding qualified candidates as your own team. Hire Velocity seasoned recruiters help by expediting the hiring process, knowing how to attract high-quality candidates, and building a talent pipeline.


Recruitment Agencies Like Hire Velocity Know Your Tight Labor Market 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing employment is still below its February 2020 level. A low unemployment rate but high demand for consumer goods (and manufacturing workers to deliver them) has led to a tight labor market. 


With more job openings than jobseekers, the manufacturing industry struggles to find and retain qualified workers, something manufacturing recruitment agencies are well-versed in. In this fast-paced industry, a delay in workers can lead to production delays and, ultimately, a loss in revenue. Many manufacturing companies have turned to seasoned recruiters to find with specialized experience to locate ideal candidates for manufacturers. 


Why Work With Experienced Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies 

How can specialized manufacturing recruitment agencies help optimize your hiring process? Here are three key benefits to working with an experienced recruiter: 

  1. Fast Track the Manufacturing Hiring Process
    A manufacturing company without a full workforce can’t deliver its production goals. So, when a manufacturing company needs employees, they don’t want a lengthy hiring process. Manufacturing recruiting firms can help speed up the hiring process. 

An experienced recruitment firm understands this urgency and can expedite the manufacturing hiring process by sourcing and screening candidates quickly and efficiently. Rather than spending weeks combing through resumes, manufacturing recruiters can do the work for you and present a shortlist of qualified candidates in a fraction of the time. Manufacturing recruitment agencies also have access to a network of industry professionals that can be difficult for a manufacturing company to tap into on their own. By working with a recruiter, you can find the right manufacturing employees faster and get them on the job sooner. 

  1. Attract Qualified Candidates
    A qualified recruiter knows how to find and attract active and passive candidates. They do this by using innovative hiring technology and sourcing candidates from various channels—new ways of recruiting include digital recruitment and recruiting via text messages. In fact, a recent study in 2021 reported that nearly 70% of manufacturing job seekers said that they prefer to receive text message over email and phone communication during the hiring process. 

By using trailblazing recruiting methods and sourcing from multiple channels, a manufacturing recruiter can help your manufacturing recruitment strategy and provide the best candidate experience. 

  1. Build A Candidate Pipeline
    What is a candidate pipeline?  A candidate or talent pipeline is a group of potential candidates that a company can contact and hire as needed. Candidate pipeline development can include sourcing candidates through recruitment events, leveraging employee referrals, and tapping into recruitment marketing. Ultimately, this pool of manufacturing talent is essential for companies that experience high turnover or have difficulty attracting qualified candidates.
Experienced manufacturing recruitment agencies can help you build a robust candidate pipeline by sourcing and screening manufacturing candidates in advance and developing a streamlined hiring and recruiting process. By having a talent pipeline in place, you will have a group of qualified manufacturing employees that you can draw from when you have an open position. This will help you fill manufacturing positions quickly and avoid production delays. 


Boost Your Hiring 

If you are looking to expedite your hiring process, attract qualified candidates, or build a talent pipeline, working with an experienced manufacturing recruiter is the answer. At Hire Velocity, our manufacturing recruiters partner with you to attract and retain agile leaders and next-generation skilled employees who can meet the demand of technological innovation, shifting supply chains, global demographic changes, sustainability concerns, and high mobility.  

Read our case study to learn how our manufacturing RPO helped a leading international firm ramp up national with less overhead.


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