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Healthy Hiring: Developing a Medical Recruitment Agency Strategy to Build "Your Dream Team"

Creating your dream team of healthcare professionals goes beyond simply filling positions—healthcare recruiting involves finding individuals who bring both skill and character to your organization. It can be hard to quickly decide which candidates possess this ideal combination, especially when you're navigating through a sea of resumes, cover letters, and interviews. A medical recruitment agency can help alleviate this burden and quickly find your “dream team.”   

A medical recruiting agency doesn’t just post jobs for you and hope for the best. Instead, your medical recruiter will help you map out a solid recruitment strategy to ensure you hire only the most qualified and skilled talent for your teams.  

6 Steps to Develop a Medical Recruitment Strategy 

As you know, there is more to the hiring process than simply waiting for talent to find the position listing on their own. If you wait for the right hire to find you, it could take a while, and that could affect patient care. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 90% of nurses are concerned that the nursing shortage will affect the quality of patient care. With patient care on the line, it’s all the more necessary to have a medical recruitment strategy in place to quickly source talent and fill openings.   

If you want to attract skilled talent, you need to create a recruitment strategy to help gain the interest of prospective employees and, eventually, hire them. Here are six steps to get started.  

1. Partner with a Medical Recruitment Agency 

Partnering with a medical recruitment agency is a great first step in any hiring strategy. When you partner with a medical recruiting firm, your hiring team gains instant access to a pool of potential applicants. Your recruiting firm can also help you revise your hiring process to increase applicants applying for your roles. 

2. Recruiting Software 

Want to use innovative recruiting tech but unsure how to select an ATS? Your medical recruiting firm will help you set up new recruiting software or an applicant tracking system (ATS). An applicant tracking system is essential to your medical recruitment strategy because you can quickly screen applicants, see the point of your application where applicants lose interest, and easily communicate with the talent that has applied for your roles. It’ll seamlessly integrate with your website and your CRM, so you can also use it to gather essential data, like cost-per-hire or time-to-hire. 

3. Improve Your Employer Brand 

Your company’s brand, especially the picture painted online, is the face of your workplace. It’s the first thing potential employees recognize and often the first consideration when applying for a role on your medical team.  

Your medical recruitment agency can help you create a well-rounded strategy to ensure your employer brand is authentic and aligns with your vision and values. Part of this health recruiting strategy might include joining social media platforms under your company’s name or creating accounts on specific job boards to respond to comments left by previous employees.  

4. Post on Industry-Related Job Boards 

To catch the attention of qualified medical professionals, your medical recruiter knows precisely where to find those talented individuals. They’ll often have a database of industry and niche job boards on which you can post your openings.   

Sure, candidates looking for a new role might look at a generic job board to find a new position. But it is also a sure bet they’ll be searching for a role on job boards dedicated solely to the medical profession or related to specific medical fields like dermatology, nursing, etc. With links to your vacancies on these job boards, you’ll gain the attention of the most qualified and interested candidates to join your team. 

5. Streamline Your Candidate Screening 

Your medical recruitment agency knows that you and your human resources department are busy and may not have the time to thoroughly screen every application that has been submitted. Your recruiter can help you save time by screening the applicants to make sure they hold the appropriate qualifications and licenses needed for your roles. That way, when it comes time to conduct interviews, you can rest assured that the candidates sitting in front of you are highly qualified and can take care of your patients. 

Work with Hire Velocity to Execute Your Hiring Strategy 

At Hire Velocity, we know the hiring process, especially in a healthcare setting, can be complicated and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Our recruiting solutions do more than simply attract the right applicants. We work with your hiring team to ensure you have a smooth healthcare recruitment process in place so you can easily acquire the best talent every single time.  

Contact us today to learn more about our medical recruitment strategies and solutions.