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Finding Your Ideal RNs: How RN Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Fill Critical Nursing Positions

The talent shortage has put a strain on hiring quality nurses across the entire medical field. If you have open nursing positions, work with a recruiting agency that specializes in RN recruitment to streamline the process and ensure you are attracting the right professionals. 

With patient care of the utmost importance, any nursing vacancy can lead to slower response times, increased workload on existing staff, and potentially compromised quality of care. Recruitment agencies who specialize in healthcare recruiting understand the critical need for qualified nurses and can help you find the best ones to join your team.  

Let’s discuss a few ways RN recruitment firms can help you quickly fill critical nursing roles.  

Sourcing Strategies 

Each nursing position within your medical team requires a specialized skill set. Searching for highly specialized nurses on your own, especially during a nursing shortage, can be frustrating, time-consuming, and defeating.  

However, working with a medical recruiter to conduct RN recruitment can save your company from wasting valuable resources. Your medical recruiter will have practical sourcing strategies up their sleeve, including making connections at industry-related events, partnering with local medical colleges, engaging with professional nursing associations, and using niche online platforms. They know where to look and who to talk to when it comes to finding top-notch nursing talent. What's more, they'll manage the whole process for you, from posting job advertisements to shortlisting candidates and coordinating interviews. 

Needs Assessment  

RN recruitment is slightly different from recruiting for other positions. The nursing field is highly specialized and requires various levels of skills, depending on the role. Your medical recruiter will be able to perform a needs assessment on your open positions to determine the necessary qualifications to perform the job well. They’ll look at the skills required for the job, the years of experience necessary, and any specialties or certifications that are required.  

The needs assessment may even require a rewrite of the job description. But they’ll be there to handle that as well. This not only helps to attract the right candidates but also sets clear expectations from the outset.  

Screening and Evaluation 

Your nurse recruiter will be involved in all stages of the RN and nurse recruiting process, including screening and evaluation. They’ll take over the tedious task of screening applicants and matching job skills to the job description. Once a pool of candidates has been chosen, your medical recruiter will evaluate each candidate and send you a list of “the cream of the crop” applicants.  

Conduct Interviews 

From scheduling interviews to performing them, your medical recruiter will help your talent acquisition team create a more efficient and effective interview process. This may include texting applicants to answer questions before the interview, conducting initial phone screenings, or sitting in on the interview panel during the interview. They will be with you at each step of the hiring process to make RN recruitment as seamless as possible.  

Offer Negotiations 

Due to the nursing shortage, you can expect offer negotiations to play a key role in recruiting nursing talent. A medical recruiter can help your company offer the best offer package to your top candidates. RN recruiters have inside industry knowledge regarding specific pay bands and benefits packages of related roles across other healthcare organizations and will be able to help you create an attractive offer for job seekers.  

Recruit Your Ideal RNs 

Despite the nursing shortage, RN recruitment is not impossible. With the help of a top-performing medical recruitment firm, you can build a highly skilled team of nursing professionals.  

At Hire Velocity, we specialize in nursing recruitment. We understand the need for qualified nurses and the urgency with which you need to fill your open roles. Download our free nursing recruiting guide to start creating your RN recruitment strategy. 

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