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Tech Recruiter: Finding Your Unicorns

Unicorn candidates are rare and brilliant individuals with the perfect skills, experiences, and personalities for a job. In fact, to every tech recruiter, these candidates are such a good fit they're almost mythical. They stand out in a crowded applicant pool with shining resumes that seem too good to be true. 

But where do you find these ideal candidates? And better yet, how can you attract them? While it can seem like you're searching for a needle in a haystack—there are a few key recruitment strategies you can use to help find and hire these talented people for your team. Here's how experienced tech recruiting companies can find your next unicorn candidate. 

Improve Your Job Postings 

Attractive and appealing job postings are one of the best ways to draw in top candidates. Run through your job description with your technical recruitment agency and make sure it highlights the most critical aspects of the role and includes all details candidates will need to know. 

Also, look at the language of your job postings. Is it clear, engaging, and enticing to your ideal prospects? If not, work with recruiters to develop a compelling job posting that will grab their attention. Avoid vague descriptions, and make sure that your posts are clear, concise, and accurate. Remember to include all the necessary details about the position, such as salary range, benefits package, and expectations for the tech position. 

Offer Competitive Packages 

There's no doubt about it—compensation plays a vital role in attracting unicorn talent. What should be included in a competitive compensation package? If you want to stand out among other companies vying for the same talent, consider offering: 

  • Increased base salary 
  • Significant bonuses based on performance or company goals 
  • Stock options 
  • Generous vacation and leave time 
  • Flexible work arrangements, like remote work or flex-hours 
  • Other employee perks and benefits, such as health insurance, childcare support, or company retreats 

Your tech recruiter can put you in the running for tech talent by offering a competitive salary and benefits package. 

Provide A Flexible Work Environment 

Remember that flexible work arrangements may be more than an extra perk for highly skilled tech candidates—they may be essential for attracting unicorns. 

Think about what flexibility you can offer potential employees, and work with your tech recruitment agency to ensure it's included in your job postings. Technical roles are often remote or require travel, so job seekers may be looking for an employer that offers flexible work arrangements. Plus, offering flexible work hours or remote working options can help attract unicorn candidates who may not be interested in traditional 9-5 jobs or long commutes every day. 

Nurture & Engage Candidates Effectively 

Attracting a unicorn candidate can be a long-term operation, so don't let them slip away during the recruitment process. How can you avoid losing a tech candidate to another company? 

One of the best things you can do as an employer is to engage your tech candidates throughout the recruitment process. This means having your tech recruiting team respond quickly and clearly when they reach out and providing timely feedback throughout their interview process, so they feel like their time has been respected by your company. Additionally, connect with them on social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter, where they may be more active than on other platforms such as email or phone calls. 

Invest in Recruitment Marketing 

Recruitment marketing is becoming more popular among companies looking for hidden talent. Recruitment marketing can help you connect directly to passive candidates who may not otherwise respond to traditional job postings or recruitment methods. Try creating content pieces that explain why working at your organization would benefit a potential candidate or sending personalized emails instead of generic ones whenever possible. Anything which shows that you've taken the time to think about what makes your company unique or attractive for potential employees will go a long way toward standing out from other companies. 

Final Words 

Unicorns do exist—you just need to know how to find them. By following these tips on attracting and hiring these remarkable individuals, you should have no trouble finding (and keeping) top tech talent within your organization. 

At Hire Velocity, we partner with you to identify and secure top IT talent using our unique blend of industry-specific knowledge, innovative recruiting strategies, and industry-leading technology recruiting and sourcing tools. We have served clients spanning the spectrum of business evolution, from lean Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 100 and 500 technology and software companies. Our tech recruiters understand the technical skills you need, and we offer proven, dynamic IT recruitment solutions to meet those needs. Discover how we can help.  


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