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Finding Candidates For Jobs: How Name Generation Helps

The “name generation” service is a unique service which provides a company with candidates from a list of competitors that they select. Researching names from competitive companies with this service can narrow down those candidates in positions with similar job functions. Using a wide variety of search tools, the name generation service provides as many names, phone numbers, and emails of the candidates who meet the required job specifications. Hire Velocity has the ability to take this a step further and provide companies with additional information in their reports which describe the candidate’s education or degree as well as their years of experience in a particular field.

This service can be beneficial in gaining a strong advantage over competitors as it has the ability to target those talented candidates who are not actively searching for a new position. Receiving a report that includes the candidates contact information allows the company to reach out to them and present them with the new opportunity. Other key benefiting factors of name generation is that most HR departments don’t have the time or resources to be able to produce the information that this service can generate, which when choosing to outsource this to specialists with the tools and experience needed will provide optimal results for a company.New call-to-action