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5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Healthcare Recruiter for Your Company

The role of a healthcare recruiter is like wearing ten different hats. They need to have keen detective skills, a top-notch salesperson’s persuasive charm, and a counselor’s listening gifts to find the best, most qualified candidates in the field. They use these talents to develop hiring strategies that boost engagement and connect with the potential medical talent to attract qualified candidates for your roles.  

When hiring a healthcare recruiter for your company, several qualities stick out as “must-haves” to look for.  

Five Qualities A Top Healthcare Recruiter Has 

Healthcare recruiting has its unique hiring challenges. Each aspect of a healthcare recruiter’s role requires specific skills and qualities. If you’re looking to work with a healthcare recruitment specialist to fill the open positions within your company, here are five qualities to look for in your healthcare recruitment team member. 

1. Healthcare Industry Expertise 

Healthcare is an incredibly niche field. No two medical field positions are the same. Each role within the medical field requires a highly specialized skill set, education, and licensing. A medical recruitment team will understand how to attract candidates for each role, including writing job descriptions that speak directly to the experience of interested candidates. They’ll also know what credentials are mandatory so you don’t hire candidates that are a poor fit. 

2. Top-Tier Communication Skills 

Healthcare recruitment specialists are some of the best communicators. They possess a unique blend of honesty and assertiveness, which is how they can persuade the best talent to apply for and accept positions. But, healthcare recruitment specialists don’t just spend time talking with potential candidates. They’ll also be transparent about where they’re at in the hiring process and frequently contact you, offering regular updates and keeping you and your hiring team in the loop. 

3. Attention to Detail 

Your healthcare staffing consultant will ensure compliance, check licensing requirements, and be aware of candidate credentials. Their attention to detail will be something you can trust and rely on. So, when they present a top candidate for a role, you know that person meets all critical components of your job description and they’ll be an excellent cultural fit for your organization. You’ll know that every candidate that comes across your desk is an ideal fit for the role and meets all requirements.  

4. Strong Relationship-Building Skills 

Talking is a big part of a recruiter’s job. They talk with prospects, clients, and your hiring team. You want a medical recruiter who can quickly and effectively build relationships with your team and “gets” your organization. Ask questions to a recruiting firm about their process of understanding your organization and how they’ll attract jobseekers who make your organization’s values and culture. The best healthcare headhunters and recruiters will be good listeners and adept problem solvers.  

5. Organization and Time Management Skills 

Recruiting and hiring are ongoing processes—often happening simultaneously for a recruiting firm. Your healthcare recruitment specialist will likely be casting many nets for the various positions within your medical facility. So, you’ll need a healthcare recruiter who is a pro at organization and time management. You’ll also need a healthcare recruitment specialist who understands how they manage the recruitment process and ensure their timeline syncs with yours/ 

Choosing the Right Healthcare Recruiter 

It’s not just about selecting one healthcare recruiter but working with a healthcare recruiting firm you can trust with your hiring needs. Working with a team of healthcare recruiters ensures your medical staff is filled with only the best and brightest employees in the field.  

At Hire Velocity, we are expert healthcare recruiters and ready to join you in your talent acquisition search. No matter your hiring needs, we have talent acquisition strategies to help you discover and retain new talent. Contact us today for more information. 

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