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The Advantages of Working with CNA Recruitment Agencies

Today's competitive medical labor market has turned healthcare hiring into an exhausting process for many employers. But, for healthcare organizations looking to win the best talent, CNA recruitment agencies can be a game-changer. Medical recruiters specializing in CNA recruitment have the expertise, resources, and experience to quickly source the right CNA for any role. Let's explore a few ways your organization can get the upper edge in recruiting medical talent with the help of CNA recruitment agencies. 

Expertise in Sourcing and Screening Nurses in the Healthcare Industry 

It's hard to vet out unqualified talent if a recruiter doesn't understand the caregiver and nursing assistant profession. Hiring nursing talent means knowing what skills, education, and training are required to be a CNA. CNA recruitment agencies specialize in sourcing and screening certified nursing assistant candidates. Their specialization means they understand the exact qualifications CNA roles require, and they can quickly find qualified job candidates who match these requirements. Instead of losing time and resources weeding through unqualified job candidates, CNA recruitment firms can reduce the time spent on candidate screening and fast-track high-quality prospects. 

Access to a Large Talent Pool 

One of the biggest challenges of hiring healthcare talent is there aren't always enough job seekers to fill the roles. It's hard to find top-level nurse assistants when competing with other employers in a tight labor market. CNA recruitment agencies have access to pools of CNA talent larger than any single organization can find on its own. From day one, many agencies will already have a talent pipeline ready to go, giving your organization an edge in healthcare hiring. Rather than wasting time and resources trying to source nursing candidates your own, CNA recruiters can quickly offer available talent ready to be hired. 

Reduced Hiring Costs 

The costs of hiring the best staff members can be high. The expenses quickly increase between job boards, advertising, and other internal recruitment costs. Plus, there's no guarantee that your efforts will lead to high-quality CNA hires. On the other hand, CNA recruitment teams can reduce the time and resources spent on hiring. Recruitment agencies specialize in finding and placing nursing talent, which means they have the experience and resources to source, screen, and hire nurse assistants more efficiently. A more efficient hiring process reduces recruiting costs, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other areas of your organization. 

Experience Recruiting Passive Talent 

Research by LinkedIn reports that 70% of the global workforce is passive talent, with the remaining 30% actively seeking jobs.  

What is a passive job seeker? According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), passive job seekers are individuals who are currently employed, not searching for a job, but would accept a good opportunity if it came along.  

Some of the best hires are passive talent, and finding these individuals gets harder and harder each day. However, nurse recruiters know where to look for these hidden gems and how to attract them to opportunities at your organization. Don't overlook the value of passive talent and how CNA recruitment firms can help to access hard-to-find CNA prospects. 

Reduced Turnover Rates 

You spend a lot of resources to attract talent, so you want to keep hires as long as possible. CNA recruitment agencies can help to reduce CNA turnover rates by finding candidates that are not only qualified for the job but also an excellent cultural fit for your organization. 

How do they do it? 

Well, nursing recruiters recognize that retention and recruitment go hand in hand. So, they have a pulse on the healthcare industry and, of course, your competition. They're in tune with CNA salaries and healthcare hiring trends. As healthcare employment experts, they can offer to advise you on the best compensation packages and outline successful retention strategies. By developing a more robust recruitment and retention strategy, your organization will attract exceptional CNAs and keep them around.  

Work with One of the Best CNA Recruitment Agencies 

The patients you serve daily need both skilled medical care and human compassion, starting with hiring great people. Behind every positive patient experience in your healthcare organization stands a team of exceptional doctors, nurses, and clinical and non-clinical team members. 

At Hire Velocity, we believe recruiting should be customized for your unique environment and focused on patient care. We have designed our healthcare recruiting solutions to address the unique challenges of different aspects of the healthcare industry. 

Contact us today to learn more about our CNA recruitment services and how we can help your organization find the best talent for your team. 

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