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Truck Driver Recruiting: How To Attract and Retain Women Drivers

The transportation industry is facing a critical shortage of truck drivers. Contributing factors such as an aging workforce, driver pay, and flexibility have led to a drastic increase in vacancies throughout the trucking industry. To meet the demand for driver hiring, its vital to attract and retain new groups of drivers. One area of untapped talent for truck driver recruiting is women drivers.  

A Surplus of Talent in Female Drivers 

To keep up with demand over the next decade, the trucking industry will need to recruit over a million new drivers. The trucking industry has historically been a male-dominated industry. In fact, while women represent 60 percent of the United States workforce, they only make up 10 percent of truck drivers. By recruiting women, you can close the gap caused by demand for freight and narrow the driver shortage.  

Women Drivers Are The Safest Drivers 

Safety on the road is critical for driver hiring. Data suggests that female truck drivers are safer than their male counterparts. Women have been found to be 20 percent less likely to be involved in a crash than men. Female truck drivers are more cautious, get into fewer accidents.  

Attract Female Drivers With New Programs To Promote Success 

Win over female drivers with new training programs that will appeal to women. Include more practice time in truck driving simulators, internal support groups, sexual harassment awareness, and self-defense classes, so women feel safer on training runs.  

Look to other innovative initiatives such as programs that allow spouses to train one another or mentorships within the truck driving community. By designing programs with women truck drivers in mind, you can reduce driver turnover, and create a safer environment for women to learn.  

Reduce Turnover With Retention Efforts 

To retain top female driver talent, foster a culture that empowers drivers to stay with your company and create an environment where they feel safe. Characteristics of successful incentive programs include: 

  • Establish executive buy-in for the program. 
  • State clear objectives and goals. 
  • Ask the drivers what they want to see. 
  • Keep it simple. 
  • Communicate your plan consistently in all material. 
  • Be transparent with your drivers about the goals and how they can succeed. 

Ensure your incentive programs consider the needs of all your drivers, including female drivers. 

Overcome Hurdles and Attract Talent 

The trucking industry faces multiple obstacles including increased demands for freight and an aging driving population. Women can bring significant value to the profession and help fill the demands of truck driver hiring. It is critical to plan your truck driver recruiting efforts with female drivers in mind to attract and retain the best drivers.  

We understand the unique hiring challenges of the transportation and trucking industry. Contact us today, and learn how Hire Velocity can help solve your truck driver recruiting challenges.