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The Importance of Urgency in Nursing Recruiting

Nursing is a highly rewarding profession. Even though nursing is a respectable field and one of the largest professions in the United States, there is still a high need for nursing recruiting. 

Nurses make up an essential part of any medical unit. They are often the first point of contact a patient has with their healthcare team and are often responsible for advocating for their patients. It takes a skilled and dedicated nurse to ensure patients are cared for in the best way possible.  

In the medical field, patient care is of the utmost importance, and it is imperative you have dedicated nurses in your organization. However, if your team is short-handed due to empty positions, it’s inevitable that your patient care could also suffer.  

This is one of several reasons why nurse recruiting should be done urgently. 

3 Reasons to Quickly Recruit Nurses 

Nursing recruiters can help you choose quality candidates. They can also help you broaden your search and advertise your positions to interested prospects. But what happens if you need speedy hiring?  

Healthcare organizations can’t let open positions stay open too long. Healthcare recruitment firms are equipped to fill roles swiftly and identify top-qualified candidates that best match the requirements of open roles.  

If your medical team needs a nurse, consider working with a nursing recruiting agency that understands your urgency to fill your vacant roles. Here are three reasons why nurse recruiting is easier with specialized recruiters:

1. Competition 

It’s no secret: the medical field is highly competitive. With the high demand for nurses and the short supply, it’s more important than ever to offer a competitive salary and snag the right candidate for your position. An attractive salary, sign-on bonuses, or student loan forgiveness can entice candidates to apply for jobs within your company. By offering hiring incentives, you can be sure your nursing recruiter has a surplus of prospects to sort through to hire for your vacant roles quickly. 
2. Increase the Quality of Patient Care

When recruiting nurses, it’s essential to keep the patients in mind. A high level of patient care should always be a top priority for your medical team. Because of this, you need to fill empty roles within your medical team at full speed to keep your patient care at the highest level. Too many vacancies could mean a patient receives subpar care that is detrimental to their health. You can avoid a lower quality of patient care by working with a nursing recruiting company to hire your teams quickly.


3. Avoid Staff Burnout

Having a vacancy within your team is inevitable. However, slowly filling the position will strain your current team significantly. This strain will likely lead to burnout or, worse, create more vacancies. Which, in turn, continues to lower the quality of care for your patients receive. By quickly filling job openings, you can improve patient care and make sure your team's workload is balanced and increase employee satisfaction and retention. 

Nursing Recruiting With Urgency 

Attracting nurse talent with urgency is critical for your patient’s overall care and the longevity of your medical teams. When you are in a bind and quickly need to fill your nursing roles, partnering with an experienced nursing recruiting firm can help you attract and hire the best talent in the medical field. 

At Hire Velocity, we understand the need for speed when hiring medical staff. That’s why we have a skilled team of medical recruiters trained to identify the best, most capable candidates for your open nursing positions.  Download our free nursing recruiting guide to map out your strategy to hire and retain top nursing talent.