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On the Road to Success: How Trucking Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Build a Skilled and Reliable Team

The surge in online shopping combined with the shortage of skilled truck drivers has made trucking recruitment a nearly impossible task. Where have all the truckers gone? Several factors have led to the widespread trucker shortage, including the ever-increasing industry demand, high turnover, and retirement of skilled drivers. The demand for truckers and the increasing backlog of freight can overwhelm your driver recruiting efforts. 

But hiring for your trucking business doesn’t need to be complicated. Let’s learn how trucking recruitment agencies can help you build a strong team of skilled and reliable drivers. 

Transform Your Hiring With A Trucking Recruitment Agency 

Even though the workforce of skilled drivers totals nearly 2 million, it can be tough to hire for your team–especially if you need a quick turnaround on a job. Working with a trucking recruitment agency is a sure bet to find and hire qualified drivers and retain them behind the wheel. 

Job Advertisements: Mention the Perks  

Over-the-road trucking is a difficult job. The hours can be long, the schedule inflexible, and the drive can be challenging. These reasons alone are what turn some people away from the profession. But for others, the perks of the profession, like job security and substantial sign-on bonuses, are essential factors of employment.  

A trucking recruitment firm can help write job advertisements highlighting the benefits of joining your team. They can also provide consulting on what compensation is competitive and showcase them effectively in job advertisements. Your trucking recruiter can also help write the job listing, saving your hiring team time so they can focus on other tasks, like onboarding new truckers and getting them started in their job.  

Use Social Media and Other Platforms to Reach Candidates  

Truck driver recruitment specialists often have a pool of qualified candidates ready to apply for any available opening. But, as demographics in the trucking industry shift, reaching Gen Z and millennial job candidates means using innovative recruitment technology. So, aside from pulling from their pool of qualified drivers, your trucking recruitment specialist will put together a social media marketing strategy to help advertise your vacancies to a broader range of active and passive candidates. This may include targeted job advertisement campaigns on social media, like Facebook or LinkedIn, to catch the attention of qualified applicants. And not only that, but your recruiter will take care of posting your optimized job listings on relevant job boards and forums for you. 

Screen Candidates and Manage Your ATS 

Trucking is different from most professions in that a resume is typically not required for employment. Instead, only an application and proof of credentials are necessary.   

Most trucking companies use an applicant tracking system (or ATS) to screen and hire candidates.  

When working with a trucking recruitment firm, you can leave the managing of the ATS in the hands of your trucking recruiter. Your recruiter will screen applicants, verify credentials, and reach out to candidates for interviews– usually all within 24 to 48 hours of an applicant applying for a position. 

Conduct Interviews 

Your recruiter understands you’re busy, and they also understand the need for a quick hire. They can help save you time by conducting interviews and recommending hiring candidates for your routes.  

Because your driver recruitment consultant has already taken the time to verify credentials and perform other necessary checks, you can rest assured knowing the recommended candidate is highly qualified and skilled for the job. 

Build Your Trucking Team  

At Hire Velocity, we understand the challenges and unique needs the trucking industry faces. As an experienced transportation and logistics recruitment firm, we work to provide transport hiring solutions to fill in the gaps in your driver hiring needs. Contact us today to start creating a recruitment strategy to ensure your business is on the road as soon as possible.