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Nursing Recruitment Made Easy: Tips for Hiring the Right Healthcare Recruiter

Today, healthcare organizations face the same challenges with nursing recruitment—finding the right candidates quickly and cost-effectively. For organizations that don't have the time, resources, or expertise to manage the healthcare recruitment process, healthcare recruiters have become the go-to solution for finding the best nurses. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, roughly 40% of businesses are now outsourcing their hiring to third-party firms or recruitment agencies. 

But is outsourcing the right decision for your organization? And, most importantly, how do you know what makes a "good" recruitment agency for nursing recruitment? This article will provide tips for finding the right healthcare recruiter that meets your talent needs. 

Identify Your Nursing Recruitment Needs 

Before sifting through a stack of recruitment agencies, you'll need a clear understanding of your nursing recruitment needs. Do you need help recruiting for multiple nursing roles or just one? 

Are you seeking permanent or contingent staffing, entry-level or executive? Or, perhaps, you need a nursing specialist?  

Define your hiring needs and outline the job requirements for each role you need to fill so you're better equipped to find a recruitment agency capable of meeting those needs. 

Select the Right Recruitment Agency Type 

There's often confusion over staffing agencies versus recruitment firms. While both options can help with nursing recruitment, some key differences exist. Staffing agencies specialize in placing temporary or contract employees, while recruitment firms typically focus on helping organizations fill permanent roles. Once you map out the positions you're trying to fill, you can narrow down what type of recruitment team is best suited to help you. 

Also, you should consider whether you want to hire a general recruitment firm or a specialized agency. While general recruitment firms can help with nursing recruitment, firms specializing in healthcare and nursing recruitment have healthcare experience that may prove more valuable. 

Consider Your Budget 

Cost is always a major factor when considering healthcare recruiting firms. The top-tier elite recruitment agency may not be worth it if it breaks your budget. And they may not even be worth the extra expense if a more affordable option can meet your nursing recruitment needs. Take a closer look at the services a recruiter is offering and consider these key questions: 

  • What's the cost of each service? 
  • Do they have any hidden fees? 
  • Are there discounts available for larger-scale hiring? 
  • What is their fee structure? 
  • What is the urgency of your hiring needs? 

According to recent research, the average cost of filling a vacant position in-house is approximately $4,700. While this is an average, the cost per hire will vary significantly depending on the recruitment methods. Compare the prices of different recruitment firms to ensure you're getting the best expertise for the best value. 

Consider Recruiter Expertise 

Not every recruiter is experienced in nursing recruitment. Look for a firm specializing in healthcare and nursing recruitment with a strong track record. Research the recruiter's past placements if you want a recruitment team that can easily spot qualified nursing talent and better understand your organization's needs. 

Here are a few things to consider about a recruitment firm: 

  • How do they go about pre-screening applicants? 
  • Do they actively recruit on various job platforms? 
  • What candidate assessments do they use? 
  • Do they offer any additional services to ensure successful placements? 

Ultimately, the right healthcare recruiter should be able to provide you with qualified applicants quickly while helping you save time and money. 

Hire Nursing Recruitment Experts 

If you're still unsure how to handle all those nursing positions you need to fill, consider outsourcing the recruitment process to a healthcare recruiter. Don't let your own HR teams get bogged down with the hiring process. Hiring an experienced healthcare recruiter can simplify nursing recruitment by providing qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.  

At Hire Velocity, we understand that the success of your organization depends on finding qualified nursing talent. We have designed our healthcare recruiting solutions to address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, from long-term care and home health to hospitals and ambulatory services. We believe that nurse recruiting should be customized for your unique environment. Contact us to learn more about our talent acquisition solutions. 

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