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Sales Recruitment Agencies Look for These 5 Character Traits

What character traits do sales recruitment agencies really look for in top job candidates? During an interview, it's not easy to fully evaluate a potential sales representative. After all, if they're good at sales, they're likely to be good at selling themselves too. But, in the long run, being good at sales is only part of the hiring equation.  

While sales skills can be taught, developed, and refined, personality traits are inherent and can showcase who is a good fit for sales roles in your organization. Let's examine five essential character traits that recruitment agencies focus on.

1. Curiosity
In sales, being curious is an underrated trait. Curiosity indicates that someone is willing to go out of their way to find answers and explore innovative solutions—both of which are essential skills in sales. When a person is naturally curious, they'll ask questions and push themselves to understand the customer's needs and wants. And sales recruitment agencies know that recruiting sales reps with a high level of curiosity are most likely to thrive in sales environments. 


2. Confidence

There's no substitute for genuine confidence in selling products or services. Confident people can handle rejection, adapt to changing business environments, and remain positive even when sales are slow. Sales workplaces are varied—from face-to-face sales pitches to cold calls—and sales reps need to be able to navigate these situations with ease and professionalism. As a result, sales recruitment agencies always look for sales staff with natural confidence and self-assurance.


3. Skilled Communication

Persuasive communication is an art form, and the best salespeople are skilled in it. Strong sales teams know how to communicate their message clearly and effectively. This can be through verbal communication, such as presenting sales materials and giving sales pitches, but it also includes non-verbal communication, such as body language and tone of voice. 

Recruitment firms seek out the best communicators for staffing sales roles. These individuals can tailor their sales pitches to different audiences using various sales techniques and methods. They speak clearly, are persuasive without being pushy, and can read between the lines of what customers say (or don't say). 

4. Compassion

Compassion isn't often associated with sales roles, but it should be. Having compassion means understanding customers on an emotional level to serve their needs better. For sales reps, this means listening carefully and being empathetic to the struggles that customers may be facing. Compassion also makes sales staff more approachable, which can help them build stronger relationships with their customers and close sales more quickly.

5. Honesty

Selling goods isn't about trickery or manipulation. Great salespeople are honest about their products and services, presenting them truthfully without overselling or overpromising. Honesty builds trust and reassures customers that what they're getting is valuable and reputable. This, in turn, can help brands establish long-term relationships with customers. After all, referrals and word-of-mouth sales are some of the most powerful marketing and recruiting tools out there. 

Sales Recruitment Agencies: Solutions Drive Sales Success 

When it comes down to it, the best salespeople use a broad spectrum of traits and skills to connect and build a relationship with the buyer. They are informed, likable, and trustworthy partners who establish if a fit exists between their solutions and the customer's needs. This is what sales recruiting companies are looking for—and you should be, too. If you want to build a strong sales team that will take your business to new heights, seek candidates with these essential character traits. 

Hire Velocity's RPO Advantage 

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