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How an Industrial Manufacturing RPO Can Help Revolutionize Your Workforce

New safety precautions, increased demand, strained supply chains, and rapid changes in technology are just some of the challenges facing industrial manufacturing companies today. On top of that, a longstanding industry-wide talent shortage can make hiring and recruiting a difficult task. That's why many companies are turning to industrial manufacturing RPO agencies to give them a leg up in scouting the best manufacturing talent. 

Find Top Talent With Industrial Manufacturing RPO 

Having the best workers with the right combination of skillsets, experience, certification, and credentials is vital to keeping production on schedule and ensuring the highest quality standards. To streamline your hiring strategy, RPO can help you identify the right talent quickly and accurately.  

Here are a few ways industrial manufacturing recruiting companies might be the right choice for your business. 

Build Talent Pipelines 

Passive job seekers are an untapped talent resource for many companies. In a report by Job Seeker Nation, while 63% of workers are satisfied in their current roles—almost 48% are open to new opportunities. This leaves a huge opportunity for talent—you just need to learn how to harness it.  

Industrial manufacturing RPOs realize the importance of building healthy talent pipelines to source potential candidates, even if you don't have an immediate need. They can help you grow your manufacturing talent pipeline through communication with jobseekers via social media, niche online groups, and your website. They'll also organize your pipelines based on your hiring needs. 

For example, if you don't have openings today but know you need permanent roles filled in 6 months, RPOs can help build a pipeline of qualified workers that will be available when hiring them. They'll keep jobseekers engaged with weekly emails that highlight upcoming job openings, company news, and relevant information to keep them interested in your company and ready to apply when the time comes. 

Quicker Time to Hire with Technology 

Various manufacturing roles need to be filled—from highly specialized positions with fewer candidates to more general manufacturing roles. RPO firms can help you recruit efficiently by leveraging innovative recruiting technology, like applicant tracking systems, which support high-volume recruiting needs and target niche talent.  

These systems can help you filter through thousands of potential workers to find the best applicants, with resumes tailored specifically for each job opening. By tapping into an ATS, your RPO team can review applications and select qualified candidates who are most likely to thrive in your company's culture. This software will help you complete the recruitment process faster so you can get the right people on the job quickly. 

Immediate Access to Top Candidates  

According to a recent report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the manufacturing skills gap in the U.S. could result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030. This urgency makes it crucial to have access to qualified talent when you need it.  

Industrial manufacturing RPO companies specialize in connecting you to the right employees with the right skill sets. They can offer industry-specific knowledge related to attracting candidates in the manufacturing and logistics industry and leverage their established networks.  

Don't internal HR teams have access to these networks?  

Not necessarily. Whereas internal teams may keep past applicants on file or a limited list of schools and job boards they can reach out to, industrial manufacturing RPOs have access to comprehensive databases that are updated daily. These extensive databases allow them to source candidates, both actively seeking roles and not, in real-time, ensuring you get the best talent quickly.  

Industrial Manufacturing RPO Focus on Referrals 

Referrals are often the most cost-effective hiring method, and they can often lead to the most productive employees. In fact, companies with employee referral programs have average retention rates of 46%, compared to the average retention rate of 33% for companies that rely solely on hiring from job boards.  

Industrial manufacturing RPO firms understand the power of referrals when it comes to recruiting, and they often prioritize setting up employee referral programs that encourage current employees to refer their colleagues.  

An RPO provider can help you set up a referral program that's both effective and attractive to employees. Plus, they'll help you promote it to your team and even manage the referral process.  

The Bottom Line  

Attracting and retaining manufacturing talent isn't easy—filling roles such as skilled operators, technicians, plant managers, and engineers takes time and energy. And the cost of a bad hire can be high.  

That's why many industrial manufacturing companies trust manufacturing RPO to help them attract and place qualified talent quickly without disrupting business. Industrial manufacturing RPO providers can help you revolutionize your workforce and ensure you have access to top talent when needed.  

At Hire Velocity, our manufacturing recruiters partner with you to attract and retain agile leaders and next-generation skilled employees who can meet the demands of technological innovation, shifting supply chains, global demographic changes, sustainability concerns, and high mobility.  

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