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How To Recruit Nurses

The United States is projected to experience a nursing shortage that will continue to grow over the next two decades. Healthcare organizations are looking for solutions to combat this staffing crisis and strategize nurse recruiting after the global pandemic has passed. Here is what you need to know to succeed in nurse recruiting post-COVID-19.


Make A Plan To Meet Your Talent Needs

Successful nurse recruiting requires a comprehensive strategy to capitalize on your current business goals, address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, and ensure quality patient care. When defining your goals and outlining your strategy, consider how they may have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Goals should include patient satisfaction, nurse staffing, budget and outlining obstacles healthcare leaders face to recruit and retain talented nurses.


Emphasize Workplace Safety

Since COVID-19, workplace safety has become a priority for many nurses and healthcare professionals. This includes having a surplus of personal protective equipment (PPE) for nursing staff and having a supportive environment to decrease burnout and dissatisfaction. Nurses are seeking out healthcare opportunities that protect, support and prioritize their well-being and safety.


Invest In Training and Career Advancement

Many healthcare organizations are in a tough spot financially due to COVID-19. Training and continuing education budgets may be decreased due to unforeseen expenses from the crisis. However, studies show that continuing education is a highly sought-after benefit for nurse recruits. By offering career training and advancement opportunities, you acknowledge that the nursing staff is valued and that the organization wants to invest in helping nurses achieve career success.


Offer Competitive Compensation

In a challenging nurse recruiting market, organizations need to be offer salaries and bonuses that remain competitive with other employers. There are different types of bonus structures and incentives to offer new hires, so work with your budget to determine which will be best for your organization to recruit top nursing talent.


Start Planning Nurse Recruiting Strategies Now

The valuable contributions nurses play in our healthcare industry have become front-and-center in the fight against COVID-19. To attract the most qualified candidates, it is important that you implement strategies to recognize what matters most to nurse recruits.

At Hire Velocity, we understand the unique hiring challenges of the healthcare industry and emphasize patient care. Learn how Hire Velocity can help solve your nurse recruiting challenges with our free e-book. We outline effective strategies to help your organization recruit and retain top nursing talent.

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