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Meeting the Demand for Senior Caregivers: How Senior Care Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Build a Skilled Team

Caring for older people requires a specialized team of caregivers— finding that particular type of skilled talent can be difficult. That’s why many organizations are working with senior care recruitment agencies with valuable hiring strategies 

Senior care involves more than just medical care. Eldercare caregivers provide non-medical support to the elderly while allowing the patient to live as independently as possible. Support is needed in all living areas, and senior care companies hire individuals to manage things like daily activities, meal prep, and housekeeping. 

Because there is a wide range of roles relating to senior caregiving, recruiting can be a monumental task. Here’s how a senior care recruitment agency can help you build a skilled and professional team of dedicated caregivers.  

3 Ways Senior Care Recruitment Agencies Can Help 

If your company offers senior caregiving as a service, you know each role requires a specialized skill set. You’ll need to hire for various roles, such as nurses, phlebotomists, and housekeepers, and while some of these skills overlap, others are technical skills that require a license. Senior care recruitment agencies are experienced in healthcare recruiting and hiring for multiple roles at once. Here’s how they can assist you with your staffing needs.  

1. Expert Sourcing Strategies 

Unsure of where to find senior care talent? Do past efforts go unanswered?  

Senior care recruitment agencies are well-connected with a pool of qualified talent, so they know exactly where to look and how to attract the best caregivers. Recruiting agencies work to build and maintain connections with those within the medical field through various ways, including attending senior care education conferences or connecting with college graduates who specialize in geriatric care. Instead of waiting for prospects to find you, recruiting firms are continuously building a talent network of job candidates eager and qualified for roles in elder care. 

 2. Top Job Advertising 

Gone are the days when you could advertise an open position in the newspaper and sit back and wait for the resumes to fly across your desk. Newspaper ads, while still a relevant method of advertising in various markets, can be a slow process. Senior living recruiting means you need to hire top talent quickly to ensure a high quality of patient care. Partnering with a senior care recruitment agency means you can boost your hiring strategy to quickly attract the best senior caregivers. 

If you’re not sure where to find the best leads, that’s also where senior care recruitment agencies can help. They’ll give you insights into where job seekers are looking for elder care roles and help you tailor your job advertisements to attract them.  

3. Skilled Employee Reputation Management 

For a family, choosing a senior care company for their loved one is a huge decision. There are several factors a family might consider before deciding to work with your team. They’ll likely search for online reviews of your personal aides and caregivers to make sure their senior is receiving the best care possible.  

But families are not the only people researching your company online. Potential candidates will also research reviews from past employees to get an idea of what it’s like to work as a personal aide in your facility. Senior recruiting agencies can help you take care of employee reputation management. Your recruiting team will make sure the positive reviews and testimonies online spark interest in potential candidates.  

Senior Care Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Build a Skilled Team 

Working with a senior care recruitment agency means you’re on the right track to hiring qualified candidates to build a skilled workforce.  

At Hire Velocity, we’ve created a talented team of recruiters who are experienced in identifying the most qualified senior care prospects. We’re ready to partner with you to build a skilled team of senior care professionals.  

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