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The Benefits of Partnering with RN Recruiters

Registered Nurses (RNs) are indispensable throughout the medical field. They're often the first line of defense for patients and their families, providing vital care and support. Healthcare organizations facing ongoing vacancies are left with few options to speed up the healthcare recruitment process. RN recruiters can be a tremendous asset to HR departments scrambling to find top nursing talent. 

Let's explore how working with an RN recruitment firm can make it easier for you to find top nursing talent and what to look for in an experienced recruiter. 

Expertise in the Nursing Field 

The nursing field is expansive—from CNAs to RNs, to specialists in every area of healthcare, there is a wide variety of roles that need to be filled. How do you know whether a candidate has the required training to meet the needs of an RN position in your organization? 

General HR departments are usually hiring for various roles, which can make it difficult to evaluate the qualifications of each position. Recruitment agencies specializing in RN hires are well-versed in nursing licensure and certifications, meaning they can quickly identify talent that meets your specific requirements. On top of that, they've got their ears to the ground about the latest healthcare hiring trends, salaries, and job prospects for RNs. This knowledge comes in handy in negotiating salary and other benefits. 

Rather than guessing if you’re offering the right compensation package or if a candidate’s expectations are realistic, you can lean on the expertise of a nursing recruitment firm and feel assured that you’re making the best decision for your organization. 

Access to a Large Network of Nursing Professionals 

Attracting top nursing talent isn't just about posting a position and hoping the right candidate finds it. You also need to have a well-developed network of contacts in the nursing and medical field. But building those types of connections takes time and effort—time you and your patients don't have. 

Recruitment agencies have spent years building their networks, and they know the industry inside and out. They often have extensive databases of potential candidates and have access to specialized social media sites or forums dedicated to nurses and medical professionals. No further searching or advertising is necessary. Once they know what type of role you're trying to fill and who will best fit into your company culture, they can often quickly identify the right talent from a pool of experienced, qualified nurses at their fingertips. 

Efficient and Effective Hiring Process 

There's no time to waste when filling open roles—especially when patient care is on the line. Partnering with RN Recruiters streamlines the hiring process and makes it more efficient. They'll do the heavy lifting—sourcing, prescreening, interviewing, and evaluating talent, so you don't have to invest extensive time and resources. This efficient approach reduces time-to-fill, ensuring you secure quality hires promptly. 

Improved Employee Retention and Satisfaction 

Once you've hired a fantastic staff member, the last thing you want them to do is leave. That's why RN Recruiters focus on both recruitment and retention as part of their combined services. In addition to sourcing top talent, they'll work with you to advise you on ways to onboard and retain your new hire and provide guidance on how to create a positive work environment for nurses. 

A few examples of how retention efforts are intertwined with a successful recruitment strategy include: 

  • Offering competitive salaries and benefits packages. 
  • Expanding opportunities for professional growth. 
  • Developing a positive work environment and culture. 
  • Encouraging open communication between staff and management. 

A recruitment partner that understands the nuances of working in the healthcare field is uniquely equipped to help your organization achieve these goals and ensure your nursing staff members stay in their roles for the long term. 

RN Recruiters—How Do You Choose? 

Finding the right nursing recruitment team for your needs is essential. What should you look for in an agency? The best RN recruiters will have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and trends in nursing hiring and value learning about your organization and its individual needs. With their help, you can ensure your RN candidates are the perfect fit for your team and will be long-lasting assets to your organization. 

Reach out to Hire Velocity for outstanding healthcare recruitment services and start experiencing the benefits of a strategic partnership today. Contact us to learn more about how we use our talent acquisition solutions to help you to attract quality people to your organization. 

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