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The IT Talent Search: How IT Recruiters Can Help Your Company Find the Right Tech Professionals

Everyone knows tech is an ultra-competitive field the tech job market is growing at an astronomical rate—and it’s not slowing down. Hiring for a coveted IT position can be challenging, especially if you’re not working with IT recruiters.  

Hiring on your own means, you’ll likely spend time sorting through resumes of people that might lack the experience and expertise you’re searching for as a member of your tech team. Save your hiring team the headache and make the right choice to partner with experienced IT recruiters. 

Let’s discuss how tech recruiters can help propel your recruitment strategy to reach the best candidates so you can build the strongest tech team.  

Five Ways IT Recruiters Find Your Ideal Candidate 

The tech field is highly specialized and diverse. From software engineers to IT specialists, no two positions are alike, each requires a different set of skills to perform the job—and sometimes very different qualifications. On top of that, the tech field is constantly changing, which means a candidate you review today might not meet the job requirements of tomorrow’s job. You need to work with IT recruiters with proven experience to hire for these evolving roles.  

Here are five ways tech recruiters can help you find the most qualified talent for your tech teams. 

1. Stay Current with IT Trends 

Like every industry, the tech industry also feels the crunch of the current labor market. But, even with a recession, you can still find top-quality talent for your open positions with the help of an IT recruitment specialist who stays current with IT trends. 

With the insight they gain from exploring current trends, your recruiters can implement the best, most current hiring practices, such as prioritizing diversity and inclusion in recruitment. You can rest assured knowing your IT recruitment specialist will take the extra steps needed to ensure your hiring process is free from bias so that you can hire the best candidate for the role. 

2. Write Irresistible Job Descriptions  

Job descriptions for a role within the tech industry are often highly technical. Often, these kinds of job descriptions will contain highly relevant industry-specific jargon. Internal HR teams don’t always know how to present these technical terms without sounding unapproachable. Your IT recruiter will know how to weave the industry jargon with everyday language, making the job roles comprehensible to a broader range of potential candidates. This approach attracts a wider pool of talent and helps communicate the exact expectations associated with the role, minimizing any potential confusion down the line.  

3. Quickly Connect You With Top Tech Talent  

The tech field is fast-moving, and so is the recruitment process. Unfortunately, if you’re too slow to find talent, it’s often scooped up by your competitors or leaves the job search entirely. Research findings show that around 30% of job seeker respondents admitted to dropping out of the recruitment process. On top of that, 25% of employers surveyed reported that a new hire didn't show up on the first day. Don’t lose talent because you’re hiring process is lagging.  

When you work with informational technology recruiters, they’ll often have a database of interested talent at their fingertips. And, if it so happens that your IT recruiter does not have the right candidate on their roster, they’ll know how to reach passive candidates to help spark an interest to work for you.  

4. Accelerate Screening and Interviewing 

Finding the right tech talent often requires deep knowledge of the industry, emerging trends, and new certifications. And unfortunately, for most HR teams, the average hiring process can take from 6 to 10 weeks. IT recruiters can significantly speed up the screening and interviewing process by applying their industry expertise and specialized tools. They know exactly what to look for in potential candidates, from key technical skills to the soft skills that make a perfect team fit. Their ability to swiftly assess and understand a candidate's tech-savviness can drastically reduce the hiring timeline.   

5. Land Hires With Competitive Benefits  

In the highly competitive IT job market, it's clear that the stakes are high, especially in terms of compensation and benefits. If you want to capture the best IT talent, you need to offer attractive and enticing benefits. But, figuring out what makes an attractive offer can be tricky, so working with an IT recruiter is essential. Your IT recruiter will be familiar with the market rates for critical roles and will use their industry expertise to help your hiring team craft a compelling and competing salary offer.  

At Hire Velocity, we are an IT and tech recruiting firm with a proven track record of success. We are ready to partner with you to create your tech talent acquisition strategy and to fill the open roles within your tech team. Contact us today.