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Case Study: Diversity Recruiting for Aerospace & Defense Company

Client Recruiting Challenge in the Aerospace & Defense Technology Industry

Our client supplies aerospace and defense technology and services to governmental markets around the world. Seeking to bolster its diversity recruiting program, the firm turned to Hire Velocity to create a diversity hiring strategy predominantly for engineering and technical positions in a key geographic market. In an industry consistently beset by candidate shortages, the company sought a cost-efficient mechanism to increase the volume of skilled diversity candidates in a short period of time.

Hire Velocity's Diversity Hiring Strategy & Solution

Hire Velocity implemented a two-tier diversity hiring solution that not only identified candidates for current job openings but also created a pipeline of talent for future hiring needs. As a first step, Hire Velocity created a unique, multi-channel sourcing strategy that utilized affinity and social media networking, professional referrals and direct sourcing. The engagement combined elements of rapid-response sourcing and screening with passive candidate development strategies to raise interest in the client’s career opportunities.

During every stage of the process, Hire Velocity's RPO solution integrated seamlessly with the client’s existing recruiting process, leading to the development of a robust database of diversity candidates and streamlined delivery methodology. Candidates were screened and qualified according to stringent client requirements and OFCCP regulations. Throughout, Hire Velocity maintained EEOC compliance and detailed tracking records.

Diversity Hiring Results

In less than one month, Hire Velocity screened more than 500 candidates , with over 90% of pre-screened candidates accepted for the next stage by client managers. Initially, more than 30 client phone interviews were scheduled and five candidates hired, all at a cost-per-hire of under $4,000. The client enhanced its reputation and contact with highly-skilled diversity candidates, creating a pipeline for future hiring initiatives.New call-to-action