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Talent Mapping For Business Success

Talent mapping keeps qualified candidates at hand for when a position needs to be filled. With talent mapping you gain a peace-of-mind knowing that you have pre-qualified candidates for a position at hand who are ready to move in when necessary. Many companies, unfortunately, have found themselves suffering a great loss when a position becomes vacant within their organization. The time spent in the immediate search for a candidate to fit the position can takes weeks and even months, and can be very costly. This search can be even more damaging to the business when it is effecting the most critical positions. The impact this has on an organization can result in putting them behind competitors who have chosen to use services like Talent Mapping. Companies who use Talent Mapping are ensured that the position is filled right away and that there is a quick smooth transition of the candidate into the position.

Talent Mapping is a unique service, similar to Name Generation, but it goes a step further. In Name Generation candidates are generated and contact information is gathered from those that meet the required job specifications. Talent mapping requires a significant amount of more cold calling and research.  The candidates are pre-qualified and then mapped into the company’s hierarchy. This visually displays the hierarchy of pre-qualified candidates for the client which is extremely valuable to recruiting efforts.New call-to-action