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Which Marketing Skills Are Most In Demand in 2013?

As marketing demand continues to shift toward digital commerce, the skills needed to successfully fill marketing positions are evolving as well. For employees, that means keeping a close eye on the skills that are currently in demand as well as watching the trends in order to remain relevant. Let’s take a look at five of Wanted Analytic’s most sought-after marketing skills for 2013.

1.  Project Management
The lightening pace of digital marketing means that project managers must keep their eyes on multiple elements of a given project that can change in the blink of an eye. Effective project managers must have excellent multitasking skills, an eye for details, and a sixth sense that instinctively knows how to keep the project on track while juggling budgets, designs, and implementation.

2.  Market Analytics
Analysts must take the streams of data that are constantly pouring into their computers, parse them, and interpret them in order to create relevant action strategies. Accurate data interpretation is essential to the success of any business, especially as online commerce has taken center stage. And that means that skilled analysts will always be in demand.

3. Marketing Strategy
Taking all that data and creating a cohesive marketing strategy requires a unique set of skills. Workers with the ability to creatively implement a successful marketing strategy will prove invaluable to every business. Online marketing, social media, email, direct marketing—every piece of the marketing pie has the potential to offer lucrative positions to those with the right skill set.

4. Sales Experience
Sales positions seem to have an expected amount of turnover—either you’re really good at it or you’re not. Those with the skills to persuade a client and clinch the sale will never find themselves lacking for a desirable position.

5. Account Management
The demand for account managers expands and contracts with the economy. That said, however, these positions tend to have fewer lay-offs than other positions. In order to remain competitive, companies need strong client relationships, meaning they need employees who are skilled at handling client accounts and at communicating with the clients themselves.

As digital marketing becomes increasingly essential to a successful business strategy, the demand for these skills will grow. Specific areas of expertise such as social media, mobile, e-mail, and paid online advertising will remain in high demand as well, creating a healthy job climate for those who have taken the time to become knowledgeable in their fields.New call-to-action