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When Do Companies Hire New Grads?

Graduation day is an imminent reality for college seniors all across the country. As the moment of truth arrives, hundreds of thousands of new workers will be flooding the job market, looking for positions. That sudden upsurge in job seekers can be both a great opportunity and a daunting task for employers. How do you attract the best and the brightest from among those college grads while also choosing workers that will be a good fit for your company and stick with you for the long haul?

Think Like a College Student

College students don’t generally have much experience in the work force or in how professional communication works. They’re more in tune with the world of social media and smartphones, which means that in order to reach them, you should communicate your message in a variety of venues:

  • Connect on Social Media—Consider creating a Facebook page for your recruitment efforts. Post job openings on Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t rely solely on job boards to get your message out.
  • Create a Mobile App—Make it easy for the smartphone generation to find your job openings with a Jobs App like this one from Sodexo.
  • Take Advantage of Video Interviews—Video interviews make it possible to check out candidates in other parts of the country without blowing the travel budget. As much as possible, try to make these actual person-to-person interviews rather than using pre-recorded questions so you’ll have a chance to evaluate the candidate’s personality as well as his or her knowledge.

Make Your Brand Attractive

If you expect the best new workers to stick around, you’ll need to do a good job of managing your brand image and promoting the benefits of working for your company.

  • Build Your Employer Brand—Put some thought into what makes your company unique, what is desirable about your workplace, and what kind of working environment you provide. Communicate your brand on your website and through video and social media.
  • Promote Benefits—Employee training, opportunities for professional development, and opportunities for advancement can all be attractive reasons to join your company.
  • Provide a Mentor—Remember that college grads haven’t had much experience in navigating the complexities of a real life work situation, so they’ll need someone to show them the ropes. Formal training as well as touching base in an informal setting from time to time can go a long way towards helping young workers become invested in the company.

As graduation approaches, take the time to reach out to the next generation of workers. By creating a strong employer brand and comprehensive recruiting strategy, you can grab the attention of the young workers who will become the future of your company.New call-to-action