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Video: Get Into the Rhythm of Social Media Recruiting

Do you know the best practices for recruiting with social media? Watch this video for helpful advice and then read our companion article for more detailed information: Win the Recruiting Marathon With Social Media



Get into the rhythm of social media recruiting.  Why use social media? Two words: passive candidates

70% of potential hires are passive candidates.  60% of employers use social media networking sites to research job candidates.  But to use social media you need a strategy.  

Goals: Make a list of measurable goals before you start posting.  
Great culture:  Recruiting on social shows the company’s culture
Time: Invest your time wisely by creating a content calendar

To get started, here is what you need to do (recruiting agencies can help!):

Who are you trying to reach? Know who you are trying to reach
Get employees on board Employees can become the best brand ambassadors
Build a strategy Know what the best times to post on each network are

Hiring managers are most likely to use social networks to screen in:

  1. 76% IT
  2. 65% Sales
  3. 61% Financial Services
  4. 59% Healthcare
  5. 59% Retail
  6. 56% Manufacturing
  7. 55% Professional & Business Services

One last thing….3 out of 4 employees say their employer does not know how to promote job openings via social media*

*Don’t be this company

If you are interested in learning more, check out our blog post!New call-to-action