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These are the top 10 blogs that relate to recruiting. They give information about new tips and tricks to the industry as well as advice.


1). HR Marketer Blog


This blog aims to speak to the HR marketplace and touches on topics like PR, social media, recruiting and more.

2). I'm So Corporate


This blogger shares ideas on how to use technology to facilitate hiring, recruiting and other HR practices.

3). Rehaul


Lance Haun has years of experience in HR recruiting and social media, making him a great resource for information on how business and people interact.

4). The Recruiter's Lounge


Visit this blog to learn more about the recruiting process and how you can make it more successful.

5). The Talent Buzz


Learn more about hiring forecasts, technology, recruiting and more from this blog.

6). Six Degrees from Dave


Check out this blog from social media marketing, talent development and recruiting expert Dave Mendoza. (http://sixdegreesfromdave.com/)

7). Dr. John Sullivan's


This blog is a great place to learn about talent management, leadership, marketing and recruitment.

8). HR Tests


This blog focuses on HR testing so you can find employees that are truly right for the job.

9). Renegade HR


From tips on creating HR TV to ideas on being a better leader, this site is a good source of HR information.

10). Michael Specht


This blog covers topics like technology, human resources, enterprise 2.0, recruitment and more.