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Social Media Recruiting

One new tool is giving organizations the ability to search for quality candidates for free! Social Networking is taking over and if your organization is not already on board it’s time to jump on. Social Networking gives an organization a glimpse into a potential candidates work and school history, likes, dislikes, and personality.  No other resource gives an organization the ability to essentially know a candidate before ever making contact with them.

Not only can organizations benefit from using Social Networking but candidates can benefit as well. Candidates are gaining access to the hiring managers, CEO, and CFO of all types of organizations including fortune 500 companies.  It can allow candidates to get their foot in the door and gain knowledge about that organization and their staff.  If a candidate utilizes the resource they may discover some information about the hiring manager and the organization that can be beneficial during an interview.

Before an organization starts using Social Networking there is pertinent information to know to make Social Networking successful for your organization.

Make the commitment- Social Networking is not just a trend; it is becoming a main resource for recruiting.  Once an organization starts there is no turning back. Your organization needs to stay committed to it.  Make sure there is consistency in the tone and activity.  It is also important to comment on other organization’s blogs and posts; this is free advertisement for your organization.  When your comment is posted, it is now publicly seen on your organization’s site, which can attract viewers to your site.

Use resources within your organization- Become “social friends” with your organization’s current and past employees. Being social friends expands a company’s potential candidate pool by providing unlimited access to this network of “social friends”.   “Social friends” may share similar interests and work ethics as them and lead to potential recruiting opportunities.  Also use employees to promote the organization’s site and potential open positions.

Measure the success- Organizations depend on certain metrics to determine the success of a resource.  Social Networking gives your organization the ability to measure the success and customize how your organization chooses to measure the information.  An organization needs to set quantitative goals and then track the contacts, candidates, and referrals that result from their social media efforts.