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When it comes to the hiring process, there are a number of situations that can unnecessarily complicate the process. If you’re burdened with more recruiting work than you can efficiently handle, outsourcing the tasks to a Full Life Cycle Recruiter may be the solution for you.  Why burden yourself with managing the entire process and all of the tools when a Full Life Cycle Recruiter can do that much more efficiently for you.  With Full Life Cycle Recruiting you are allowing specialists, who are backed with advanced technology and tools, to assist your business in reaching its ultimate potential. To adequately access the most qualified candidates, it takes money, time and often results in stress. Many of the recruiting tasks are very routine in nature while some are much more strategic and complex.  With Full Life Cycle Recruiting, not only are posting and agency fees reduced but you can also reduce your cost per hire. Without the stress and time spent on trying to find the right candidate, your Hiring Manager will be able to focus their efforts on their core job and on projects more strategic to your company.

The service will handle the entire hiring process for you from job description creation to sourcing, phone screening, interview scheduling, offer management, employment screening and even onboarding. Your entire hiring productivity will be increased, while also reducing costs and time wasted. Hire Velocity offers the Full Life Cycle Recruiting service that will give your business confidence in obtaining the most qualified candidates to join your team. Let us assist you with your repetitive recruiting tasks while you focus on the bigger company issues.  At Hire Velocity we were able to within a five month period assist a major department store in hiring 400 department, store, and division managers.

The Full Life Cycle Recruiting service can be managed virtually or on-site. With either, the main focus will be what is best for your business.  The end goal is to improve your productivity while saving you time and money in the delivery of quality hires.