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The holiday season is right around the corner and retailers are preparing for an increase in foot traffic. 58 percent of stores expect to increase sales 6 percent this season compared to last year, according to the Michigan Retailers Association. These stores need to be able to meet the increasing demand and that means hiring temporary employees this season. There are tens-of-thousands of companies looking for season employees to help meet the customer demand. Additionally, many of these positions have the potential to turn into permanent employment.

Many companies see seasonal employment as an opportunity to attract and retain the best talent. Seasonal positions can be looked at as an audition and new hires should take initiative in showing how hardworking they are.  JCPenney plans on hiring 30,000 seasonal workers this season, an increase from last year. Ann Marie Bishop, a spokeswoman for JCPenney, explains, “getting a seasonal position allows new associates to experience working at JCPenney and decide if it suits them.” She explains that the company sees seasonal hiring as an opportunity to attract and retail the best talent.

This increase in seasonal hiring does not come without great competition. According to Bloomberg, there are about five applications for each job opening. With about 15 million Americans without a job, there are a lot of people looking for employment, even if it is only temporary. While the increase in seasonal hiring looks appealing to the unemployed, it still may not make it easier to find a position this holiday season.