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Recruiting Skilled Agile Employees

Agile methodologies are gaining in popularity in the web and software development arenas. As job openings with agile skill requirements mushroom in demand, filling these positions will become increasingly difficult. Because agile is the relatively new kid on the block, recruiting agile employees who have definitive knowledge and experience will be a competitive endeavor. But the news isn’t all bad. As agile gains traction, there will be increasing numbers of employees seeking to add this skill set to their resumé.

Why Recruiting Agile Employees is Taking the IT World By Storm

IT development is quickly shifting away from traditional waterfall methodologies toward the more flexible agile management system. Recruitment of agile skilled employees is a better fit for IT projects for several reasons:

  • Flexibility—IT projects can’t always be planned detail for detail up front. New requirements will arise, problems will surface, and changes will need to be made. Agile meets these challenges with its ability to handle project evolution fluidly.
  • Short iterations—Part of the reason agile can be so flexible is that project phases are delivered in short iterations, giving plenty of opportunity to correct problems that arise and incorporate additional requirements that may surface.
  • Collaboration—Agile thrives on collaboration. In order for a successful project collaboration, there must be communication and teamwork among developers, stakeholders, and management.
  • Problem Solving Potential—Effective agile developers are those who bring excellent problem solving skills to bear on the project. While agile doesn’t have a plan for every eventuality up front like waterfall does, it excels at addressing problems and concerns as they arise, which is essential for the highly variable arena of IT development.

In order for your employees to operate within an agile environment, they will need skills like good communication, teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

Recruiting Agile Workers For Your Business

While it may not be easy to find employees specifically trained in agile methodologies due to their relatively recent development, people with the above-mentioned traits can be trained. How do you find the right person for the job?

  • Be flexible in your hard skill sets. Employees with experience in newer methodologies like scrum may be difficult to find. Look for candidates with desirable soft skills and the background needed to make training in agile methods both possible and beneficial.
  • Look outside your local area. Wanted Analytics reports that recruiting for scrum in areas like Greensboro, NC and Tallahassee, FL present many more options than in other, more competitive locations.
  • Consider passive candidates. If experience in agile methodologies is non-negotiable, consider looking for passive candidates who might be willing to make a job move.

As agile becomes more widely used, employees with the desired skill sets will be more readily found. However, because skilled IT workers are continuously in high demand, hiring the right person will require competitive compensation, attractive benefits and working environment, and the right approach.New call-to-action