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A good recruiter not only finds the best talent, but does it quickly and efficiently as well. With Salesforce.com’s application exchange recruiters can find myriad applications to do just that.

While Salesforce is not an applicant tracking system, by utilizing its extensive database of applications, Salesforce can be equally as valuable as a Candidate Relationship Management tool. The PowerDialer application uses a powerful telephony tool, changing the way you reach out to candidates. For high-volume recruiting environments, the application can increase call efficiency by up to 400% through automatic updates of activities, automatic pre-recorded voicemail tool, and their powerful auto-dialer feature.  Other applications such as Jobscience allow recruiters to distribute job openings and manage resumes all within the Salesforce platform.

Organization is fundamental in recruiting and that is where the Customer Relationship Management aspect of Salesforce comes in. By embracing Salesforce’s activity and task management features, recruiters can create a more organized and efficient workflow while keeping up a fast pace.

The true value of accurate candidate tracking truly adds to a more pleasant candidate experience. Qualified candidates are more likely to apply to a requisition after speaking to a recruiter that is familiar with them and any previous conversations they may have had.

Byron West


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