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LinkedIn is a popular social network among professionals and college students. While Facebook is more for personal use, LinkedIn allows professionals and college students to showcase their experience. With over 90 million members, recruiters are finding this social network as a useful tool to find qualified professionals or graduating students to source for potential jobs.

LinkedIn is growing each and every day. In fact, one million new members join the social network every twelve days. More than one million companies have created LinkedIn Company pages, and that number keeps on growing (Buss). It is a growing trend for recruiters to use social networks, such as LinkedIn, to look for professionals to fit their job description.

Hiring graduating college students for entry-level positions is easy with the growing number of students joining the website. The chart below shows the rapidly increasing number of student memberships.

Hire Velocity uses LinkedIn, in addition to over 200 job boards, to source for candidates. Make sure to check out our LinkedIn page.

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