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Hire Velocity Donates Computers to Deserving Charities

ComputerCharityIn this age of rapid technological development, our devices appear to change almost as quickly as the seasons. When Hire Velocity had 40 Microsoft XP computers that needed to be upgraded, they would also be left with 40+ machines that were in need of replacement. The computers were still in great working condition and throwing them out would be such a waste. Hire Velocity has always been committed to giving back to the community whenever possible. It seems every few months there is a new smart phone, tablet, or TV that is bigger and better than what sits in our pocket, on our desk, or against our wall. With such pronounced progress, it can be easy to forget that our old devices still have a huge inherent value. It is with this sentiment that Hire Velocity’s Sally Hammons and Shantrail Bolton sought to save the organization’s outdated computers from the garbage dump, and instead find them new homes with those most in need. In particular, two deserving organizations were chosen, which are detailed below.

Angels Among Us Pet RescueAngels Pet Rescue is a non-profit volunteer –based organizations dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from high-kill shelters in the state of Georgia. The charity has a network of pet foster homes that rely on the generosity of people and businesses to care for animals and find them “furever” homes. To this end, donated computers will be used by foster homes to help them network, post pictures, and take applications for adoptions of their foster pets. After all, the more photos and stories that can be put out there, the better chance these animals have for finding permanent loving homes.

Cultivate KindnessCultivate Kindness is a non-profit charity dedicated to promoting acceptance, compassion, and of course kindness to all those in need. Simply by being kind, we can motivate and inspire others to do the same, creating a self-sustaining chain of generosity. Of course, promoting this noble cause is a big part of their effort. Therefore, the charity has utilized their donated computers to set up Internet access stations for participants of the program. This will allow them to more easily identify potential causes and help recruit others to these initiatives.

Hire Velocity is proud to support these two organizations in their honorable pursuits, and proud to have employees like Sally and Shantrail who selflessly championed this initiative. If you would like to find out more about either of these charities please click on their hyperlink found in the above paragraphs.New call-to-action