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Candidate Personalization - Outsourcing Services | Hire Velocity

How to Hire Quality Candidates Faster With Personalized Candidate Experiences

Would you rather receive a mass market mailing from a big box store or a personalized email from your favorite niche hobby shop suggesting items of interest based on your past shopping behavior?  If you chose the second option, you’re in good company.  Almost three-quarters of consumers prefer personalized ads.  And that penchant for personalization isn’t limited to retail sales.  Companies as diverse as Pinterest, Netflix, and Progressive Insurance have all used personalization to drive customer engagement and improve service.  Personalization has become an expectation in the marketplace today.  It’s part of the shift toward inbound methodology that we’re seeing across all of marketing.  It’s even changing the way we recruit.

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Table of Contents:

  1. What's the Big Deal About Personalization?
  2. 5 Myths About Candidate Personalization
    • Myth #1:  You Can't Personalize Until You've Connected
    • Myth #2:  Personalization Means Unique Content for Every Individual
    • Myth #3:  Personalization Is Just About Content
    • Myth #4:  Personalization Is Always Interest-Based
    • Myth #5:  Personalization Is Expensive Or Difficult
  3. How To Personalize Your Candidate Experience
  4. 10 Personalization Ideas To Get You Started

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