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Internal Recruiting Vs. Outsourcing

How To Optimize The Cost And Effectiveness Of Recruiting High-Performance Teams

Are you aware of the real cost of recruiting? It's more than just dollars and cents. Recruiting impacts your company's overall performance, productivity, and bottom line. But how can you accurately calculate these hidden costs?

Are you unsure whether handling recruitment internally is the most cost-effective approach? We explore the benefits of a blended solution and reveal how companies spend an average of nearly $4,425 to replace a single employee – a cost that rises with higher-level positions.

But here's the exciting part: in our eBook “Internal Recruiting vs. Outsourcing”, we introduce solutions that are not only more cost-effective but also produce better results! With this eBook, you'll learn how outsourcing can positively impact your recruitment costs compared to traditional internal methods.


What You'll Learn

  • The true cost of hiring a new employee, including both monetary and non-monetary investments.

  • How outsourcing can affect recruiting costs compared to internal recruitment.

  • How outsourcing can enhance your recruiting function while keeping some components in-house.


Unveiling Five Hidden Costs

In our eBook, we highlight five crucial factors affecting your recruiting expenses:

  1. Fluctuating Needs and Costs: Discover how to scale recruitment activities up or down without impacting your internal team by partnering with an RPO provider.

  2. Low-Hanging Fruit Vs. Higher-Level Skills and Positions: Learn why outsourcing gives you the recruiting power to reach the best candidates for high-level positions that are difficult to fill.

  3. Recruiting Passive Candidates: Uncover how outsourcing can help you access passive candidates – those who aren't actively seeking a job but could be open to a better opportunity.

  4. Complexity: Explore how outsourcing empowers you with specialty expertise to navigate the complexity of sophisticated recruiting strategies.

  5. Diversity: Find out how RPO solutions can broaden your candidate pool and help you attract qualified diverse candidates to improve your company's performance and profitability.

Ready to unlock the true cost of recruiting and elevate your talent acquisition strategy? Download our free eBook to gain valuable insights and actionable solutions. Discover how outsourcing can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver quality talent for every open role. Don't miss out on this essential guide – grab your free copy now!