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Construction Recruiting: Hauling in Qualified Talent

Construction and skilled trades have and continue to experience a shortage of qualified talent. The shape of the industry is starting to change, and construction companies must change along with it to hire the talent necessary for companies to thrive and grow.

Research shows that offering on-the-job training and certifications boosts the attraction of a company while also giving new employees extra attention to further develop their skill sets. This can be done through formal training or mentorship programs.

One way to establish a potential talent pipeline for construction recruiting is to implement career programs with local technical schools. Technical schools are increasing in popularity and receiving significant funding from state and local organizations to increase enrollment and educational programs. By establishing partnerships with technical colleges, construction companies can offer students insight into the industry, opportunities for site visits, mock interviews, and other great learning experiences.

Another avenue to explore is identifying talented veterans returning home from service who are interested in the construction industry. Many veterans possess highly transferable skills for the construction industry, and nonprofit organizations can help funnel veterans to your business.

To combat the growing labor shortage, Hire Velocity touches on four key points in the eBook that involve setting a foundation for a company’s future and retaining employees. There are many factors that can impact construction recruiting and how companies can solve those issues.  Learn more about the topics covered in this free download.