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A recent survey has found that companies are having a tough time finding employees that have the right qualifications to hire for their most critical positions. Lack of experience and technical skills, were highlighted as the major reasons why roughly 52 percent of U.S companies have found themselves in a difficult position when it comes hiring.

As the economy continues to improve and the market is getting more competitive, not only are employers increasing their hiring, but the role of finding the most qualified candidate for the position has become more crucial then ever. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is something that should be considered in ramping up hiring efforts. RPO is able to give companies that step up above the competition. Through the use of various tools and strategies an RPO provider can find the most qualified candidates fast and effectively for critical jobs such as skilled trades, engineers and IT staff that have been found as the hardest to fill. In a previous blog "An RPO SWOT Analysis"we discussed the importance of choosing the right RPO provider. It’s important that when making this decision a company takes into consideration the different aspects mentioned in this analysis. Choosing a provider that is able to meet a company’s needs will present them with qualified candidates to hire for these hard to fill job positions

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